Batman: Three Jokers #2

Joker starts by harassing a blonde suburban wife, and her son must act like Joker is their long lost hubby and pop. The other Joker comes in and breaks his fantasy though, the mannequin and stuffed bear actually being sat with, as he reminds how 1 of them is dead due to leading Batman to them for more fun. Batman meanwhile’s met up with commish Gordy regarding a dirty judge recently murdered and his connection to Arkham Asylum’s easy in easy out policy, Batgirl interrupting to inform BM of Red Hood’s own killing. Back at the Batmobile, the 2 chat of what they could do about RH, BM not believing they could, yet do anything.

BG qs BM on how he could let RH loose when he knew he hadn’t healed properly from what Joker’d done to him. BM states he’d been hoping he’d turn out like BG (Hopes and dreams, ey?). Meanwhile, RH’s breaking a guy’s bones after he’d cooperated, so he’d be around for the cops to discover. BM decides to start in Blackgate, since he can’t track RH, yet.

BM reveals to BG the fingerprints on the dead judge was Joe Chill, which’s why he hadn’t shared with Gordy. Bruce…BM, goes to Chill’s cell after composing himself, then kicks the door in after announcing they needed to chat. BG comes up behind him as he notices the cell’s empty, Chill moved to infirmary for having Stage 4 cancer, and most likely only had wks left. The 2 now wonder whom’d used Chill’s prints, BM hearing from Alfred of RH using his hood’s tech an got a location, suspecting he’d found the 2 Jokers.

RH goes into the chained up abandoned pool, and sees a bunch of people floating in it, 1 man surfacing with Joker smile, and pleading for help, RH kicking him in the face. The Jokers then grab him from behind, and strip him, tying him to a chair. The Joker whom starts engaging with RH reveals a detail about the Joker, and how it hurts when he laughs, continuing on how he’d done the same to RH to where he’d made it so he always felt pain, and his relief came from inflicting it on others, being similar to himself. So, the Joker replaces RH’s mask back on before cracking him in the head with a crowbar.

RH states weakly how the Joker better finish him this time, but Joker replies how he’s hoping RH does rise from the grave, literally again, so this time he returns as the Joker. When BG and BM arrive at the abandoned pool, they meet the many men from in the pools, laughing in droves surrounding them. As BM struggles, he shouts to BG of they pushing a button on his belt, making “it” come. Next, the Batmobile barrels into the room killing many.

They then find Jason on the floor, he obviously in shock, but but telling BM how easy it’d been for him to replace him so many times with other Robins. BG gets Jason to her apt to sleep, he instead looking at a helpful book on pain management, and using her shower. They share a kiss after a heartfelt moment, but Barbara makes sure to clarify it was one time, and they’re going to focus on the job. Last, Joker gets Joe Chill, whom is conscious, to put on his pageboy hat and with camera rolling asks why he killed the Wayne’s.

Nice! Onward!

The Last Laser Show

I’ve been waiting to read this for too long, this being a thoughtfully offered edition by the discerning and clever author, whom I hope is closer to the sequel for this little number! The quote proceeding the story is certainly a fun prospective way to live by, since one can’t change reality, one should change the way one views it. I realize also this is a work of love and might not have gotten the full editor love, like the big publishing company books, so I listed the minor errors which accompany these artistic masterpieces.

Arthur Deadman is on the late morning train, the info on how best to survive a train crash being supplied, and someone taking these exact precautions, then dying via train crash, unluckily. Art is not seated in a safe spot as he fails to receive an ordered drink by a brain dead porter. The platform controller’s behavior doesn’t stir confidence for comfort. Art considers escape, but then the train moves, in the wrong direction for some yards before shifting to the right way to London, fingers crossed the train succeeds to make it.

Normally Art takes the time to sight see, but this time the train seems to be going at an alarming speed. They pass a waiting commuter at the next town’s stop, and rip his glasses from his face as they pass. The driver makes an announcement after they’d already passed the stop, and the bored porter now stands and attempts to look like this is same ole sort of day, and banging on the driver’s door, the only response being another toot toot. This prompts the porter to make his own announcement by apologizing for the disruptive display, but they’d be arriving in London early, and they can rest assured their remaining ride should be calm.

When the speed finally eases slightly, Art thinks back to what’d brought him to this in the 1st place starting as he is filing at an employment office, he recieving a rare call. As he’s told he must refile for unemployment, and sent to sit elsewhere, he gets a call from a solicitor to tell of Art getting an inheritance, he thinking he is on the line with a scammer, giving him hell til the man is able to share the legit good news of a significant piece of change. It’s further revealed his dear old unc hadn’t seen them much, but had been close to their pop as youths. So, Art endeavored to spread a story for how the bros relationship changed so drastically and bitterly.

Well, Art is making out like a band it for it. The driver makes it clear he doesn’t care about train schedule’s as they blast by the next stop, and Art reminisces of his poorer days getting free rides by hiding in the lavs. He’s brought to reality when he watches the driver go to a lav, and take a long, inebriated piss whilst whistling Papa Don’t Preach. When he exits, it’s made clear the man is feeling a bit neglected by his boss and company.

Art’s optimistic opinion of their train reaching London without killing anyone wavers like a flag in the wind. He’s regretting his choice of train as he hears a scream behind the door where the Cap had returned to his driving duties, they all next feeling the brakes get slammed on, and the force rolling an unmanned trolley to stop next to Art with a prepared drink and shrimp salad; beauteous. He gets a taste before their definite crash, which places Art on the floor of a lav, like destiny. He’s alive and conscious, 2 fellas coming in to (asses(s)) the damage as he collects his luggage, and sees they’d arrived an hr ahead of time, exiting quickly.

As Art sees the Cap get led away in cuffs, Art is happy for being the 1 surviving passenger. He sees the old lady he saw on the train and is happy to see she also survived, but next sees a man drive into her on a luggage cart, this being the hit which takes her out, so Art biffs off directly. He makes it to the street and heads for his hotel. The immediate warmth and cushy carpet welcomes him as he goes to check in.

Art feels the man behind the desk seemed familiar, but doesn’t know him. So, he gets to his room and decides to take a nap before his show and practice for tmw night. Art showers and centers himself on his purpose. So far, he’s felt like salesmanship has singed him. (Every time he mentions the shire, he reminds me of Robin Ince.)

As Art dresses in tweed, he considers his attempt to be accepted in a bar known to entertain “the ones” in show business, wanting to impress. When Art enters the hotel bar and feels like it’s Transylvanian vibes (is it supposed to be atmos? pg.39, though the atmos tonight was decidedly 1st rate), he sits and orders his drink at the bar, an old beatnik making chat (his grey “mattered” ponytail?), but when he gets stuck on weather, Art loses interest. Before the old fella vanishes though, he warns of the flood coming, and for Art to find what he is looking for before it hit. What gets to Art is how similar his masked warnings are from his buddy Saul’s blatant statements.

Saul is a bit of a downer, and 1 day he predicts a date for the end, April Fools. Art finishes his drink as the rain pours, then returns to his room. (Should the sun be “shinning”?) The next morning, he gets breakies downstairs, thinking how he’d nearly died to come to the writer’s convention, but is a horrible salesman for his book. His little bro, Levi had become a millionaire off his one horse pony series, loosely based on his ex-marriage, and getting cheated on.

Since Art can’t ignore the obv story repetition, his bro stops talking to him. Art holds no grudge though, only attempting once again to be a part the laser show, like Levi had. So, he is inspired to leave “the Shire” once more, and sample his wares of book. As he considers this, his waitress asks if all is right with “you” breakies… he confirms it is, and prepares for show time.

Art gets to the British Film Institute’s conference hall and sees a customer service worker emptying a bin, which has Art sympathizing what they made these minimum wagers wear. Art goes through the clinical IDing process of checking in to the Write the Future event. Art plans on playing his sales pitch to get his book some popularity. Art’s 1st experience with fellow writers is listening to a blowhard talk of his deal in getting to write the sequel to E.T.

Even though Art questions the reality of the man’s claim, as well as his storyline, he keeps it to himself. After sitting and looking at the next scheduled speaker, Art recognizes a name he wishes isn’t kicking them off, Zane Canada. Art has a hard spot for Canada’s mainstream popularity, and branding. (Small spelling errors so far, as well as the back cover, exited should be excited 2nd pg, ch 12.) Now, Canada’s entrance is so jarring, Art feels the gates of hell open with the egocentric fool’s appearance with ukulele.

The place erupts with cheers, minus Art. Canada is just shy 5ft, but has gotten everyone to laugh their release of stress, Art worried their ship’d sink before leaving the harbor. Canada makes it plain, the audience is to enjoy his show, and most everyone seems taken in by this as Art looks around. Then, Art catches Canada’s eye and he zeroes in, urging Art join the fun, his ukulele playing almost zombifying him, but still aware enough as Canada does his opening act.

By the closing bang finale, no 1 notices the pain Canada put himself in with his back flip to splits, breaking his groin, from what Art heard. Everyone then files out, Art ordering a drink at the bar, handing it to Canada for effort, so toasts his energy. The next act doesn’t look like it’d be much better for entertainment, so makes his drink good. Art is able to obtain a G & T from a kindly waiter, so adds some coffee to the tincture.

After ordering 1 more before eagle-eyeing his prey, he sees “her” for the 1st time. Next a memory from attendee #50 recollects getting the writer’s ad in the mail, which lacks detail. Red-haired, early 30s lady, not yet published, but has a play performed in theater. Art watches a performance she’d done with a friend for a birthday, and he notes she had the smile he once wore.

Art wakes from memories of happy vocalists to a weird looking fella eating an eggroll, and the Walkers crisps. What is odd is the man shoves the whole bag in his face to hopefully capture chips. What results is most of it lands on his shoulders, and his eggroll seems and smells homemade. The man keeps a watchful eye on Art as he et.

Art decides to trust him, since he is probably also recovering from Canada’s act. He tests this by offering him a stiff drink, which he grabs hastily, knocks back, and throws the tumbler over his shoulder with a “fuck off”. The man qs what flavor ice cream Art prefers, the 2 bonding over vanilla, the proper kind. After Art asks whether fella likes the opening, he states of it not being his style, but it is good for a “sweat out”, Art having seen this guy flailing about during the show.

Art glimpses a badly written name tag with the name Oliver Overfinch on it. He would learn to call him the Mad Dog, later on. So, his goal is to team up with a similarly motivated peep and sell his story. Before getting to the next seminar of “Embracing Social Media”, he orders another drink, he already feeling the ones he’d drank.

A past phone chat between Art and Levi shows Art declining an invite to a party for finishing a late deadline. Art wakes from a dream making him q reality at 1st for hazy vision. It takes him a few beats before realizing he’d missed half the day at the con drunk on a bench. Art remembers his tactic of skipping the foreplay panels and do the later juicy ones to promote his story.

Then, a late 60s fella sits next to him asking if he knew the whereabouts of a certain pub, Art stating to the negative, and the man continuing it is for a movie with Jodie Foster. When Art gets up to focus on his goals, the man finally gets to his point of asking for change, Art only able to offer the shrimp salad. As Art walks away from the rejected shrimp salad and homeless agent, he q’s whether he may need to ask for a refund, what with the duds he’d been meeting so far. Art is riding the escalator down as he believes he hears Canada scream and falling from the 1 next to his and getting brought upward.

Art ignores the idea upon reaching the bottom, knowing “Networking and Drinks” would be his time to shine, so for now, more drink! Art has his drink set up by the barman turned acquaintance. He surveys the room as he figures the amount of drinks his 1st 50 would get him. Then a woman walks up whom knows him, and he can’t place her, since he’s been mad sloshed.

At first Art thinks she could be family or a lover, but then she chats of he performing in front of a group, and he realizes she is 1 of the speakers, he preferring the awkward sex orgy to the embarrassing group chat. Gloria goes into his “naughty” antics in group chat, reminding him a convo he’d shared of his ex. It continues to coincide with his disgust and incompatibility with social media. During their exchange, Gloria’s real with him for a min about whether she believed all they seminar about, her answer making it clear 1 must rely on themselves for their own success.

Art recognizes the birth of the internet  Wild wild west days and when it’d been turned corporate. He has an impression of how nowadays 1 is in the spotlight whether 1 desires or not, if 1 expects to network and succeed properly. As the dance continues, Art comes to terms with being a  part of the laser show and to follow the course.

Art makes more use of the drinking than networking at the now 5 hrs strong event. Gloria is hogging the bar, and Mad Dog Overfinch is unrobing, and when Gloria decides to turn in, Art decides she’s probably onto something and should also wait til next day’s brunch. Before Art can drunkenly negotiate himself to the exit, he see the Warden, and decides to segue over for a chat.

Art is impressed with the Warden’s switch of evening wear, and staves off an insistent need for a wee to go and pitch some woo. His intent for this con is to stay professional, but the duds making up this con having him reconsider the need to seed as sweet relief. He places hope on the idea his alchie goggles aren’t turning the Warden from a troll, so slides with effort closer to her to reconfirm woo-pitching quality; thumbs were up. Art greets her again warmly, and is reminded of her real name, Claudia.

Art is a bit deflated by her apparent tranquility toward Canada’s speech. The 2 aimlessly chat, and Claudia is reminded of an awkward phase for her, but Art notes of she not seeing past this for the talent she had for table tennis. Art sallies forth and learns of why she’d moved to London being for superficial-seeming reasons. It goes down from there, as Claudia makes an animate face solely for 1 of the group she’d come with, before going back to chat-face.

Art points it out by asking how long she’d known the selfie girl for, she admitting 2 wks, but she’d gotten her in her, so yah. Art leaves her with her fake optimism to happiness, but on friendly terms, smiling her camaraderie, and kissing her cheek in farewell. He withdraws back to his side of the bar, only hoping she sees the light for herself, one day. As Art is heading for exit, he’s stopped by an early 30s, previously met lady he can’t quite ID.

This lady is a calming sort, so Art waits as she decides to also leave and grabs her bag. She’s called Magdalena Zeus, but Art knew her as Maggie, and anyone’d be happy to meet a chick like her at a bar. Art laundry lists how he knows failure, listing his 1st day at Writer Con among them, so it being a blessing he’d called it a night, finally. Maggie and he veer together as they stroll along the Thames both wishing to learn more of the other.

Art though, is soon hit by the sobering fresh oxygen and it throws him into a daydream regarding a wish for school patrols to encourage speeding, and slow down in front of bars instead. After Art regards the temporary daze as a brainfart, and intros himself, Maggie reminds him how his original intro was memorable enough with the snark he’d maintained. (Maggie has the happy demeanor of guy in Vicar of Dibley. Nonononono, yes.) They move to her origins in Romania, but living in a few countries, she also quickly supporting his lack of book salesmanship. The 2 reach the bridge overlooking a ship and have a nice, quiet look, with a friendly cuddle.

It is idyllic at the dining area, and whilst the 2 spend the night in the same bed, it remains platonic. Maggie sleeps in as Art takes advantage of breakies. He gets the same server and imagines taking quick action should she ever suffer a heart attack. The waitress interrupts his thoughts and when trying to be friendly, feels he may’ve sounded slightly pervy by offerring she use his name.

Art eats his scrambled eggs and reads an article regarding Canada’s fall and how escalators wouldn’t be on for the remainder of the con. Later in the morning, Maggie joins Art for toast and marmalade. She looks over the schedule and sees the time is right to try to sell Art’s story at noon. The 2 arrive late at the London Concord Club bar, everyone there and mingling with drinks, Gloria catching Art’s eye for a moment.

Before Maggie and he separate to do some networking, the 2 know without saying, they wouldn’t be meeting up after, Art wishing her well. So, as Art’s back alone, he settles on his white whale choice, Hugo Drummond at the bar. Hugo is a loser and Art’s pop fostered in him a healthy distaste for the sort. Hugo excelled in film industry, since 1 doesn’t need to know anything, but he could produce like a sweat ball, and so was a commodity.

To Art, he’s a doll with all the highballing pervs, and Art’d met him a few yrs earlier when Art’d shared his hardship of breaking into the biz. What made Hugo ez to hate is everyone being worse off due to his cockroachness. Unfortunately, Hugo knew the powerful hands in the biz, so he must plaster a smile, and hope he makes headway. The feigned friendly exchange ends with brush off status.

So, instead of taking this lying down after waiting to be maybe considered for 1 of Art’s sent manuscripts to be passed upward, what with paying 600 bux worth of feeding this fool’s face, and then only to be grifted, he exercises the tactic learned earlier in Gloria’s class. The hook works as he shares with Hugo of making big traffic online. This peaks his interest, but before Art can drive it home, he becomes aware of Overfinch standing next to him. He’s noshing a big hard as stone baguette with ripe, stinky tuna, the vintage variety.

Mad Dog stares Art down as he relishes his sammie, with a blank stare. Then, Art notices the MD had come ready for manuscript cake tossing. After Overfinch politely offers a bit of tuna baguette, Art declines with respect, and watches as the MD scarfs the rest with effort, then continues regarding Art. The MD finally outs with inquiring Art’s thoughts on Harlem Nights, satisfied with his answer: opp. missed.

When Overfinch directs the q to Hugo, he’s taken aback by the MD’s wolfman appearance, but is surprised into agreeing to accepting his handwritten manuscript, and a calling “stone”, his # painted on it with his name. Before Hugo bows out, he misreads Overfinch’s name, forgets Art’s, but confirms they make plans, then bounces. The MD explains the reason he’d chosen rocks when q’d, nature provides, but perhaps in this setting, is a misfire. The MD asks if Art likes Hugo, to which Art makes clear he isn’t a fan.

By the time Art takes a break after 5 hrs of chitchat, he sits and sees it’s become a steady rain outside, and settles in for a G&T. He then realizes he’s sat on some paper, seeing and storing the abandoned manuscript the MD’d given Hugo. Art’s feeling toward pimping his book has staled to the point of not convincing himself, despite the gung ho decisiveness made to follow through. Art soon faces the buried fear of succeeding and being unable to get his ownership back.

Art then has a rare mo when not seeing whom’d sat next to him, but senses a kindred soul. Then, she speaks of how trying these events can be, Art recognizing her from the video she sang in. She’s slightly awkward for not knowing it’d been publicly shared, but Art attempts to reassure he’d though it wholesome, she receiving the compliment graciously. The 2 intro themselves, Art liking her name, Gabriela Turmeric.

The 2 have a magnetic chat, and Gabi shares deets on her wannabe screenplay au stage play. Upon hearing Art’s similar issue on selling, and kind of not wanting to at the same time, they exchange “cards”, Gabi slightly under prepared, so dictating hers. Before she dashes after a speaker about to leave, she states he wait for her, and they’ll chat more, Art deciding the drink is now most definitely required. The fortuitous meeting doesn’t mask the obv butt fucking of a price for this drink, but it’d brought him Gabi.

Art is then chat up by a smooth-vocaled fella, whom’d met him in Gloria’s workshop, and reintro’s as Henry Matrix, Art knowing him as Hens. The day and a half of drinking is made more fun with Hens there, he seeming understatedly of well-off stock. Compared to Art (mirroring my own), Hens is the proper student, debate team and clubs. After chatting with him for sometime, Art can’t tell if he’s late 20s or late 40s, but he’d been celeb circuiting for about a yr and a half, so he’s still shiny and charming.

As they chat on, the MD happens to stand nearby by a few feet, seeming like this is a natural way of joining a convo, it seeming funny and sad. They pause to watch the MD haltingly provide copies of his manuscript to some chatting business people. Once entertaining their disparaging joking with straight answers, and still getting blasted, he returns with jabbing his finger out at each and calling them “Fucking Twenty-Four Carat Cunts”, taking his scripts and calling stones back, spilling the twats’ coffees in the process. This incites a couple into bristling, but they soon learn this 4’8 fella ain’t a fucking pushover.

The MD handles them bodily, getting instinctive applause from Art at the bar, but also getting attn from a few sailors. 2 ticks, this story starts to rev up in the way of Cosmic Banditos, with the buddy-buddy characters, and wild scenarios. Also, Overfinch is mad vibing with Sam Rockwell, as he’s spinning around looking to Art like he’s wanting to take his waistcoat off. Art goes off to aid his buddy in his wild attempts to throw off his jacket and the MD responds with his annoyance for waistcoats.

In order to calm the already yelpy blonde, whom’d been getting a laugh from the MD’s unfair treatment, Art pretends like the MD’d undergone a diabetic fit, OVerfinch playing into it by haltingly responding then humming. Then Art recognizes Sally, the dumb blonde he’d drunkenly insulted yesterday. Instead of regarding her baiting and addled with cussing trigger words, Art resists for knowing who all’d get kicked out for her Karening. Art makes bullshit apologies and Sally huffs away.

The MD takes this opp to lead Art to a corner of their own, for possibly a chat. Upon standing still once more, the MD wishes to impart what looks like a paper from his breast pocket to him, but it’s stuck, (This part reminds me of the dad from Friday Night Dinner, “Shit on IT!”) :

Friday Night Dinner Shit On It GIF - FridayNightDinner ShitOnIt - Discover  & Share GIFs

and Art maintains perfect solemn support of his buddy’s endeavor as he proceeds to Hulk-rip his pocket off his shirt. After, he allows Art to pick up the folded gem from his hand, making Art hesitant. Art knew he must look, regardless of the possible horror, but it turns out being a drawn map to a point in the sea, the MD referring to it as “home”, and Art should travel there.

The MD puts the map in Art’s breast pocket for keeps, regardless. Before reentering the fray with renewed vigor, the MD pats the pocketed map, and reiterates “Arty” needing to go to “Sealand”. Art returns to Hens at the bar, and after buying the next round, learns Hens’ bro used to play in a band and thought the MD is a decent trumpeter. When Hens mentions Sealand, he explains how the MD’s pop’d rediscovered it and moved his fam out there, it now considered a free state.

Art could sniff a bullshitter with the best of ’em, and this one stank of truth, but he also hadn’t read Hens’ work. Art requests more story, so digs into the depths of Hens’ knowledge, learning the MD’d inherited the place after his pop died. He stayed there a few yrs before coming back to England. Art had a new understanding of Overfinch, now and it wasn’t due to the man being nuts in these conditions, but more because he can’t take the game seriously.

The MD sees the circus for what it is, and he can’t keep up the pace, but what Tiger masquerades as a Mad Dog would, these people not knowing the cat’s claws can still rip their front ends off. As Hens is readying to go back in, Gabi returns from her seller’s try. The MD walks up and asks after Hens’ bro, Tom, and when learning he’d stopped playing in his band when he’d become a pop, MD responds with regret, and the wistful phrase of Tom having soul, and “fucking kids…”. Gabi intros herself to the MD and the 2 hit it off when he calls her a hip chick when she admits to appreciating jazz.

As everyone’s enjoying the kickback, the MD mentions 2 of the titles he’s trying to sell off, one called, “The Greatest Blowjob”, a saxophonist’s biopic. Another is “Muted Trumpet” which’s about a trumpeter and a lady whom never meet, but the trumpeter plays better for it. The 4some have the best hr of their time all together, and all remembering the moment fondly. Art admits to not being able to stay mad at Overfinch for trying out his woo pitch on his lovely new pal, what with his sea life existence for 2 decades.

It’s a bit off color hearing his x-rated jazz anecdotes, but he reads the room enough to keep it light. Granted, once Gab leaves, Overfinch becomes raunchy once more, ending shirtless and attempting to get a Rocket Man singalong started. Nothing else’s added in regards to Sealand, and Art left the map in his pocket where deposited. Later in the night, Hens, Art, and Overfinch nightcap at another bar, and then Art bows out, the 2 still gabbing and pulling in a couple ladies, and this night happening 3 months ago, now.

Art still stays at his hotel, with the ever faithful thought to not leave until selling his story. He’d gotten to 1st name standards with nearly all the staff, and liked most on a moral level. As he’d set there, and watch for “screen trade”, he considers all the more q’s than a’s he’d come away with, from the Write the Future event. At 1 point, the trio have about a month’s worth of goodtime’s in town, until schedules change, Hens, due to success, and Overfinch caused by legal obligations.

Art’d been affected by Overfinch’s selective acceptability on most of the clubs banning him and Art, making him share the title of “beast”. Despite this, Art knew they shared a simpatico style, and so he accepts him. As for Gabi, other than infrequent letters, the 2 haven’t seen each other for a few months since the night of Overfinch’s shirtlessness. Whilst Art definitely sees her as a special one, he won’t pine, but let her be, and marvel at her wonderfulness from afar. (creaks? “creeks on the landing” p.199)

After musing post masturbation of the good ole days of catching up with his bro, Levi, he receives a call from Hens. (p.203 “Are you off out sir?” was he?) Upon learning no other calls or messages’d been left for him, he starts out for lunch with buddies, and takes umbrella on an how quickly English weather changes, so he could also find himself in a burst of sunshine, as quick. Hens’d invited Art to an official meeting with corporate tool “over coffee”. He almost doesn’t accept for not wanting to rain on Hens’ parade, but’s convinced upon hearing his other buddies’d also be there.

Unfortunately, this also means Art’d’ve to successfully navigate from praising his manuscripts too far afield from his true feelings, so’d borrowed the quote, “Darling you’ve done it again”, smile strain, included. Despite being spring, the weather seems wintery misty, and chill. As Art walks, he smells an overwhelmingly terrible stench, and eventually sees across the water on the river he’d been walking by, shored the dead body of a grey whale. (p207 “starred at the whale”) Upon nearing his inward city describing the smell was overtaken by those of outdoor food vendors, which Art’s ready to partake.

Art has 1 moment of loss of appetite, but follows 1st want and buys the best “gourmet” burger. (p208 “three-piece suite” Great possible double entendre with “an inedible truth” p209, indelible? “behind all the toys”.) He soon loses his appetite again and chucks the rest of his burger to the gulls. (Steve Martin vibes similar to Pleasure of my Company/Shopgirl whip wit with passive aggression.) Art isn’t impressed with the Harlequin Cafe’s NY loft wannabe vibes, but it worked with the grey drizzle weather where he’s meeting the fellas and Gabi. Normally he wouldn’t be jonesing for an early snifter, but considering MD’s sensibilities on the stuff, it’s mostly for the best.

Art waits his ass at the bar as the barista takes his sweet time to look his way (What must cafe’s be like in Britain prior to 2020?…Meet my eye-rolling customer serving Trigger: No relying on the skeleton crew to work 2 or 3 tasks at all times, I suppose? Dumbass saying of, if you’ve time to lean, you’ve time to clean, no? Lucky dears, tips must be flying from people’s mouths and directly into individual baristas pockets, as well. Ah, 1st world shopping, but I digress, my 1st and last rant, promise!). Art’s then reminded of an interim HM whom’s gotten slap-happy with a 5yr old student. Art as a 7 yr old is quite pleased upon seeing the HM, Mr. Proctor trampled by a Shire Horse, called Mammoth, and no 1 broken up with the loss of the foghorn-esque fella, (particularly hilarious phrasing). What makes it so much more amusing is how Mammoth seems to be a volatile god, for also murdering their pleasant replacement, Mr. Riley, whom’s last words say it all, due to the response of, full to the chest, “Does Mammoth want a carrot?”

At the same time, Mr. Riley should’ve taken a hint from the kids with missing fingers, who’d attempted similar goals. (“I would have none if it”, would I? p 213) (I’m not sure about this one where, “heads needed to role”?) The eventual resulting putting down of Mammoth fails to take as Art and choir are interrupted by horse crashing through the doors with a shit and blood-smeared caretaker hanging on and cussing like a sailor, which Art’s mom isn’t pleased to hear in regards to the lack of tater waffles she’d bought. The last heard from the 2 is 34 miles down the highway, the caretaker’s crushed body found on the side of the road, and no sign of Mammoth, since when Art’s “enrol”led elsewhere, he suspected later these incidents were the cause. The new school doesn’t end up much better, getting torn down in the end.

Art’s experience with their school pet, a hamster called Mr. Frisky is nothing compared to Mammoth, though. Art understood the large horse, whom stayed in a boring meadow next to sugar-frosted little freaks. (Not caring for the Beyonce’ references, but it’s my non-affinity for billionaires) After coming back to himself, Art notes his readiness to put in his order to the “shit-chat”ing the barista is having with a scenester fella in front of him, after looking for a seat with his mug a joe-wanting-alchie. Art sees the Matrix seated already despite he being early with the Hens, the 2 acknowledging his joining them, but this soon becoming a jerk off sesh with the 2 on their phones and then exchanging viral vids.

After the 2 get to business, Art gets to witness Hens share the summary of his story he’s pitching. As the 2 are puffing each other’s ego’s on the quality, Art gets to pull out his failsafe phrase when they ask his 2 cents. Awhile after this, Matrix asks after Art’s story, he getting cold feet, and downplaying it for not liking the vibes, he scoring Matrix’s card and another meeting, Art going for a 2nd coffee, as Gabi walks in. They greet each other warmly, and Gabi catches up about her lack of luck with her story, she giving Art the out he so desired, though offerring to walk her to the station, since having her ma’s surprise party to hit.

(Ch.40 “allowed itself to breath(e)”) Gabi takes out her umbrella and they start walking as she feels guilty for taking Art from the lunch, but he not at all caring and relating how she’d saved him. Gabi then confesses to feeling the odd bad vibe in the air, and Art agrees, understanding what she meant upon describing her thoughts on every one’s plans always ending differently when lived. Art inquires how long her ride is, and considers her projected handful of his ride could be shorter if getting a driver like his last one. As they chat, she ends up inviting him to her mom’s surprise party, but he declines in order to stay focused on his book, this after she confides how she’s moving to a different part of London to live with her old piano instructor, whom’s doing her a favor by allowing her to teach some of her students, she making more at her home than she would be at the music shop.

Art agrees to come to her ma’s 61st, if they didn’t shock her to death. As they’re crossing a bridge Gabi slows to a stop deciding to bid farewell there, Art thanking her for the invite, and she giving him a hug before running off, and shouting for him to still write her. Art soon realizes a trio of ruffians have sighted him as he stood, they chatting unpleasantly til the lead boy tastelessly asks for his bag, brandishing a little person-sized knife. Art surprisingly past panic due to dark vibes, so keeps his bag close to him as he extends a hand to communicate pause, but this doesn’t stop the hoodlum youth from grappling the bag loose and Art falling in the process, but Overfinch assaults the boy when he turns back to look and laugh at Art.

Overfinch knocks the 3 idiots down, knocking them out, temporarily before they retreat confusedly away. Overfinch is invited for a drink, but he declines for having a date, he making sure Art still has the map on him, which he did, Art also mentioning reading his story, and loving it, Oli glad of this before he walks off, this Art’s last time seeing him. As Art stands there, his torn bag open enough for his pages to come out, he only watches as it slowly descends into dark water. A day after his run in with the Cockney yoofs, he glams himself ready to go out, and upon memory of Mary Poppins, and Burt’s character forever now tainted for his Cockney ways, triggering Art’s PTSD and changing Burt into an aggro-perv.

(p 257 “I’m afraid going (to) be checking out…”) Once getting to front desk to tell Abraham he’s finally checking out, he also sends apologies to Rita for his embarrassing moment. After signing his ample check including all his breakies which equaled to a couple grand, Abraham calls for a taxi, since Art is over train travel for a bit. (ch 43 “… broadcast that particularly forecast…”?) Has Art admitted to being dead when the cabbie drives up and enquires if he’s Deadman..? Art also confirms his return to the Shire and confesses his work trip’d been worth it.

Art sees this cabbie seemed to be one of the last true Cockney, and as they get on their way, each route the cabbie tries is backed up. Then when the green lights start hitting, the cabbie acts oddly and drives in the wrong direction, Art soon deducing the man’s trying to drive to the hospital, since he seemed to be having a phys. emergency. Art snaps into action, opening the cabbie’s door (the Beyonce’ joke good enough to warrant another Beyonce’ reference). Art drives him the within view short distance to the hospital as Colin the cabbie talks a bit hazy, Art trying to keep him conscious (“were almost there” p266), but soon Colin’s fading, he waiving his fare, the dear man.

The paramedics rush for him as Art points them back to the cab where Colin loses consciousness. Art for some reason remains in the driver’s seat, and confuses a (“women” p 268), whom gives her destination, which Art obliges taking her. After dropping off his fare and paying the fee forward by asking she donate to a British heart foundation, he continues driving about the city, aimlessly. Then he reaches open country, marveling at Mother Earth’s handiwork.

Art next locates a ph. box, and calls his bro, Levi and wakes him at 10pm to bare his soul on their good times, doing things differently regarding their relationship if he could, and ending on good notes before the money runs out, and ends the call. Art next handles another call he doesn’t wish to make to a hospital before going back to the borrowed taxi and whatever cassette is in the stereo: The Big O’s. Art’s next goal is to drive to Gabi’s last known whereabouts using some sluicing skills by locating her job’s addy, the hope being to get further instruction from there before she left in the evening. Art’d fulfilled Colin’s last wishes by providing his final thoughts to Mary at the hospital, she thanking him emotionally before clicking off.

Art’s glad she hadn’t thought to ask him if he’s whom stole her late hubby’s taxi, but Art has every intention of returning it, when it dies. Normally Art’d be angered visibly, but he rather focus on how to get to Gabi quickly. His only option to rely on his winning smile and thumb to hope for a ride. He made sure to leave a note sharing the need for gas before attempting a walk longer than he’d tried, since ’86, considering he could as well be discovered a couple yrs later dead in a ditch.

As Art hopes a car comes, he considers how a working girl’d despise the type of rd he currently’s tramping. As Art walks, (“whist”? p.279, Ch.46 “my legs were constantly”), soon sees a huge single decker bus going to Winpole Gardens, running as quick as his leather brogues’d allow. He has a moment when he almost catches it, but it pulls out, then a 2nd moment, before it switches gears, and leaves him in the dust. He next picks himself up, and walks back to the bust stop with the oblivious kid on his videogame, til he mentions how Art’d missed the bus, he annoyed by the no shit moment, standing nearby.

When he sees the boy’s bus is a school bus, and the driver shares of there only being 1 ride to Winpole temporarily, Art lucks out on a ride by asking about shared forever love situations. (p288 “making his was back down”) Art starts hearing kids chanting Hopton, the boy he’d waited at the stop with passing and explaining Hopton’s the driver’s name, and he made good speed and air over the railroad tracks, unlike some of the drivers they got. When the driver doesn’t quite stop for Indiana Oscar (“Indian Oscar” later p290), whom climbs on board to applause and shouts. Then, Hopton gains speed again, til reaching the tracks and getting air, every kid happy, then the bend in the road banking sharply which’ Hopton negotiates with regularity.

Art finds himself cheering and laughing along with the kids. Off down the road is the 2nd railway track, the bus gaining speed. The atmosphere is too fun and social for Art to resist, dancing along with the others, despite knowing he should be voicing more reason. Then Art’s face falls, Hopton chatting with some of his fans before also seeing the flashing red and barrier down for the oncoming train.

Terror impacts all as they don’t have time to slow and smash through 1st 1 then the 2nd barrier, somehow everyone safe and the bus able to continue the journey more soberly to the school. Kids are lightly tearful as the bus makes it to the Winpole Gardens market town. At the school, the kids exit with guilty goodbyes and Hopton asks for silence regarding their deathly scare, Art unclenching his tightly held booty. Art gingerly tanks Hopton for the ride, and asks for directions to the piano store, as Hopton worries aloud on lying about the brakes failing, and letting the kids down again.

Art feels a bit jinxed with his death-near crashes whenever on any kind of public transport as he quick steps to the shop. Art waves as he sees Hopton start driving off, the man too aware of almost killing 43 kids and Art, but they all knowing guilt is a bit shared. Art walks through town and sees the place at a good busy pace. Unfortunately, the shop’s closed, and he must consider a new plan.

Then, Art turns back around to see someone flip the sign to open, and when looking through, sees Gabi opening a paperback, he so genuinely happy to see his buddy, he doesn’t let the possible awkwardness of he turning up out of nowhere effect him for once. When he goes through, though Gabi looks up when the bell goes, and seems shocked by his arrival, but when stepping up to him, snarkily asks how he could need a piano in his hotel room. When they continue vibing warmly, Gabi agrees to show him around town, since her only appt is traffic effected. Gabi finishes closing, then gladly walks off arm-in-arm with Art.

Art and Gabi chat idyllically gluttonously at a cafe enjoying each other’s company. By evening, they walk to her upside down pirate cake prison wooden house where they continue a nice tea-cap chat. The house sits by a stream leading to a larger “expanse of water”. They walk to the 6ft stilted house, Gabi sharing how it’d been coastguard quarters in its day.

Gabi shows him the calm view with a small pier to a little boat her pop adores, and used to take the whole fam out in when she was young. When they go in and she sets them up with tea, she goes into the piano room with the best view of the water, he even agreeing to sing the song he’d complemented her on when they 1st met. Art stops singing when seeing a flock of geese followed by starlings fly past, he in awe as Gabi played drowsily and happy. They share an intimate, personal moment in which stating their shared jokingly put feelings, before acting like they’re finishing the final act of the laser show, encoring the song as Art is reminded of the sea equaling freedom, due to the name of Gabi’s pop’s boat, and Oli’s map in his pocket.

The author states in the afterward of not revealing too many factoids about the truths and fictions, but Sealand is real, and he’d also been on a bus driven through a railway barrier, as well as the Mad Dog being mostly fictionalized, certain scenes having happened in real life. Ian Avery goes on to add deep gratitude for giving an unknown author with a mysteriously humorous story a chance. I enjoyed my foray into the world of Deadman, I only yearn for more, perhaps Sealand, and maybe more fantasy, but really it’s well-crafted and makes 1 hope there’s a sequel for Deadman.

Batman: Three Jokers #1

Batman’s driving back to Wayne manor, when he stops near his parents graves and parks, getting out in the rain, and standing at the grave. When he gets indoors, Albert sews him up, and agrees to fix the markers on Bruce’s parents graves. As Bruce sits, he’s reminded of where he’d gotten his many scars, a few from the Joker, ofc. Then, a flashback of Bruce’s parents death, the reason for going down the alley being for the car being down the road, and when the thief sticks them up, Bruce’s pop tries to calm the guy by saying he could help him, but to put the gun down, both shot, and Bruce left.

The killer, Joe Chill serves a life term, and no one knows the Joker’s name, he recently killing a Hawaiian comedian in his home on live stream. Sightings of the Joke keep being reported, an author and doc in psych writing a book on how superhero types allow themselves a separation from their consciences when letting their dark side out. When a 2nd murder comes out, the police q’ing which 1 actually is Joker, esp now with finding 3 guys poisoned. Batman comes and as he talks out loud, they see he’s actually chatting to Batgirl on the building, thinking the Joker’d distracted them with these 3 guys deaths, instead of the truck stolen.

Then they hear 1 of the victims is alive, and laughing, they taking him away in an ambulance. Inside, a masked “hero” threatens the victim unless he shares what Joker said to him before he’s bleached. Batman kicks the doors open and stops the Hood, as 1 of the Joker’s drives a big rig to a house, and is greeted by another Joker. The trio in the ambulance powwow about the Jokers as the “victim” beats his son, is calmed with drugs.

The trio of Jokers are led by the seemingly OG, whom plans to make a better Joker as 1 of them sets up the “factory”. Batman and the other 2 go to the aquarium where they see Joker-looking fish. So, they knew where Joker is storing the poison, then they’re found by Gaggy, and his gang of Joker sidekicks. When the aquarium glass breaks though, the huge, smiling shark takes care of Gaggy, Joker then showing up, smashing a fish bowl on Red Hood’s head.

Batman clocks Joker in the face, Batgirl taking a shot, as well, and then Batman decides to look for more Jokers, whilst the 2 kids waited for Arkham asylum, hearing the cops’d cornered a 2nd 1. Hood and BG search the Joker, but still can’t tell, which ends up not mattering, since Hood’s convinced to kill him, and making Barbara feel responsible for missing with her ninja stars conveniently when she knew he’d shoot him.

I enjoyed the start, and look forward to continuing!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Movie


April finishes her spot before walking home, and gets weirded out by a rat on the street. When she next runs into a few guys doing naughty things, she’s saved by a hidden, masked figure. The cops quickly come, and recognize her, she silently picking up the dropped sai, and follows the cops to the station to help sign paperwork. When the turtles are walking back, and celebrating their mission accomplished, Raph shares of losing his sai to Splinter, whom suggests he let it go, as Mikey orders pizza.

Raph goes out incognito as they boys wait and bring back their 3 bucks off pizza. Meanwhile, Raph helps a lady, whom almost loses her bag, a fella in a hockey mask taking over intimidating the 2 thieves. When Raph attempts to stop him, Cash Jones intros himself and offers Raph the beating, as well. When Casey runs off after sticking Raph in a trash can, Raph follows for now thinking Casey’s a danger to others, he confronting Raph in an alley.

The 2 fight again, til Casey walks off, and Splinter shares with Raph on his return to be careful managing his anger alone. April’s dealing with her boss worrying she should have security escort from now on when leaving, before doing a scathing interview on a public figure, denying the Foot clan exists. After her interview, as she waits for the subway, the Foot clan starts to assault her, when she’s again saved. After dealing with them, Raph carries the conked out April back to the lair, the boys excited.

When April wakes and is shocked by the turtles, she at first thinks she’s dreaming, then recognizes Splinter, whom offers to explain how they’ve lived down there 15 yrs. Splinter rehashes their ooze-given knowledge, then the boys and April chill and eat pizza at her place before they leave, and return to a trashed lair and Splinter missing. So, they return to April’s to appraise her, as Shredder beats the shit out of 4 wannabe Foot members who got caught and were bailed out, now focusing all his men on finding the turtles. Raph ditches the rest of the boys as they watch April report on the news.

When April gets back, she’s attempting to calm the guys from thinking the worst, then Raph falls through the ceiling as Foot soldiers surround them. They escape with Casey’s help, he fighting off leftover Foot outside before April drives them away in her van. Her boss leaves a message saying she’s fired, since she didn’t want to give up her story. When they reach a farm to collect their thoughts, April journals on each state of the turtle’s current mood, Mikey being a training loner.

When Raph wakes up, the 4 go to the woods and have an existential breath through, Splinter congratulating them for their progress of mind strength, after which the bros start training hard. When they decide it’s time to return to the city they find Danny waiting for them in the sewers, Casey seeing the boy leave in the night, and follow him to the clan compound, where Danny chats with Splinter again, whom shares of his life in Japan. This time he shares of his Master’s story, Yoshi, whom’d fallen for a woman, and Oroku Nagi also wanted her, so he beats her til Yoshi arrives in time to stop him, they fleeing with Splinter, and Nagi’s younger bro, Oroku Saki training for revenge, Yoshi comes home to his beloved Tang Shen dead. When Splinter finishes, Danny’s caught by Shredder and then Casey, he confessing Shredder’s plan to have Splinter killed.

When Casey helps fight Shredder, he claims to have killed Splinter already, which spurns the turtles on to each try to fight him one on one. Then, Splinter calls out Shredder’s true ID before he falls over the side of a roof. April kisses Casey for boredom, and a couple wks later attempts to sell the idea of ninja turtles to a skeptical publisher as the turtles peep from the outside of the skyscraper window.

Cute reproduction of the film, and makes me revved up for the original comic series!

Trigun Maximum Vol.14: Mind Games


Elendria faces off with Livio as Knives complains of Vash having endless stores of power. Meanwhile, Luida’s summoned when the fleet of ships, Pieces of Earth contact them, and when she hears about the plants largest cointegration ever recorded being seen, and caused by the man, Knives. They also wish to contact a man whom could help them, Vash. Luida confides Vash is already fighting the important issue and couldn’t be reached.

As Livio gets his ass handed to him and Elendria takes her armor off to more easily finish him off, Livio’s alter ego, Razlo returns. Livio doesn’t get it, then guesses if it’s Trip of Death, fool not sharing. Elendria ends him, and Livio wakes confused. A person becomes aware of the cointegration, and Elendria states to Razlo he’ll never be able to defeat her.

Razlo’s coached by Trip of Death or Livio on how he’d keep watch whilst Razlo fought for survival. Elendria doesn’t know what or who Razlo is anymore, but she’d defeat him regardless. Then, whatever’s suggesting shit to Razlo decides he’d done enough, and is leaving, when Livio gains more belief in himself and thinks his powers got stronger, he declaring she not only lost to him, but also Knives, taking her out, apparently. Then, it’s noticed July’s vanished, someone calling for Legato, whom gives the young fella shit for getting upset when thinking he was dead, not being good enough to be near him.

Legato faces off with Vash, and is happy with his display of power. The scientist knows Vash is their only hope as Mer and Mil are readying to help by getting to Vash and communicate with the fleet. Legato’s got Vash’s gun to his head, and expects Vash to not yank his chain and truly kill him, violating his rule for all these decades. Vash asks for help from whatever could be listening as Mer and Mil learn the military plan to sacrifice 10% of the remaining pop. at attacking Knives with their missiles, Mer shocked.

Mil then shouts to Mer of seeing Vash, and as the prep for the ship’s finishing, someone sees a feather falling. The scientist figures this is a show from progress for shared speech with the plants. Mer’s still attempting to have the military hold off setting off the destructive missiles. When they’re ready to fire, they notice the whole fleet’d moved at the same time.

Mer states how they’ll fight no matter what for Vash’s cause, the explosion expanding. Meanwhile, Vash sees Wolfwood with other peeps he knows, and then Knives states to Vash how the military connecting to him to learn the plants communications was a good plan, but to end it. Mer sees all the feathers raining down, some looking like people, and reminding herself how Vash’d tell her to not be scared. Then, Vash makes a promise to Mer, and Mil he admits to not having made before, to wait for him, since he’ll return, this as many of the feather, desperate souls reached for Knives.

Knives states to Vash he’s wanting to end it, now having drained his powers, Vash hoping he’d be content with leaving it as it was. Knives expects Vash to take him out if he wanted it to happen, Vash realizing he’d left Knives alone, which Rem’d warned him not to do. Half a yr passes as the town thinks Vash, whom’d been carried away by a flying Knives, are now both presumed dead. Vash’s actually living in the town after having healed again from his wounds.

The military next threatens to break in a home to find Vash, but the man himself pops up. Vash’s ready to be “helped” by Mil and Mer, who updates him on now being assault data collectors. They then ready to present Vash’s best side, after being victorious and making a comeback, he stuttering and cutesy, still helping the world.

Cute, TV show’s much more cohesive, definitely could get away with only reading the 1st 2 vols, which covers the show. Final battle still felt open, so I’ll be happy to move tf on.

Ten Little Indians

The Search Engine Corliss is sitting with her American history book on a wed, at noon, and sees a couple come in and sit near her. She watches as it seems the girl’s sitting thru this yng man’s attempts at charming her. This guy a blonde, wh. boy, whom sported a pretty boy look. Corliss imagines being ok with sleeping with him, but chooses to loathe him, instead.

Corliss is aware of her surface judging, but has a Lord Byron excuse to reason it out. Corliss hopes they say something original for her to eavesdrop on. Oddly, the yng man quotes Auden, which doesn’t help his chances of getting the yng lady in bed. Corliss decides to go over and ask the guy directly, this deciding the yng lady to bow out, Corliss glad she’d chosen not to allow this yng man to shape her mind.

The yng man invites her to sit, but she declines in preference to learn about the poem he quoted, he eventually admitting he’d only read an article regarding the quote, Corliss afterward ditching him. She had gone to h.s. in Spokane, WA and during these yrs, she becomes adept at getting wh. people to help her educate herself with their curriculum sharing. She sees WA State Uni. library like her “Sherwood Forest”, she adored books so much, she desired being buried with paperbacks. When locating an Auden collection, she looses another book by a Spokane Indian she’d never heard of, and she considered herself a fairly knowledgeable authority, due to her ancestral knowledge of her country and people, and yet hadn’t heard of this guy, Harlan Atwater.

The poem Corliss reads of his, gives her the impression of being clunky, and funny, the impressions having her wonder. She goes to check out both books and learns from the librarian it’d been unread since 1972. Once Corliss inquires closer as to how common this is, the librarian shares an optimistic # of 60-70%, but it more like 90%. As she goes on to share with Corliss how common this is in most large libraries, even sharing the # their library had, Corliss is overwhelmed by the amt of neglected books.

As she walks out, she feels as tho she’d rescued Atwater from the library and a fellow Spokane Indian Corliss is lucky to live in a single apt as a 19 yr old, with luck, fam, and scholarships. She also knew if she rented with another Indian, it’d soon be their extended fam staying, as well, and only apologies in lieu of rent. Meanwhile, Indians had to put up with the paperwork dump of gov’t documents to confuse the matter. Most Indians were fearful of isolation, but after Corliss’ childhood with 2 Indian parents, 7 sibs, and cuzins, with the odd stranger thrown in periodically, solitude was Corliss’ bread and buttah.

Due to Corliss’ love of books over humans, she kept stacks in her home, books being more interesting than many humans combined, sometimes. She also can’t abide the sappy romanticism many wh. people have toward Indians. Corliss also has fair reasoning when it comes to benefitting from wh. people’s charity by believing stereotypes of Indian beliefs and attributing them to her, if George Dubya can do it, than why not her, on an obviously much smaller scale? She knew 1 day people’s ideas about Indians would be sobered, but she doesn’t have to dwell on it, now.

After taking the bus home, Corliss’ giddy to read it, 45 poems waiting, she also wondering how this author could’ve escaped her with her large love of poetry her parents not getting it. She can’t defend reading wh. male poets, and probably enjoyed poetry because everyone didn’t, and these wh. authors still felt love, loss, etc. She doesn’t feel like she belonged with her fam, her pop loving, but a “stranger” to her, Corliss’ curiosity piqued to learn more about Atwater, so she calls her mom, whom’d bipolar episodes, they starting with the traditional catchup, and her mom reminding how proud they all are of her. Corliss usually benefitted from her ma’s exaggerated stories of her educational accomplishments, she wary of them.

After a meandering short chat, Corliss learns her ma, the unofficial historian of Spokane Indians, hadn’t heard of the book or man. She next takes her ma’s advice and checks the internet, having to go to the campus comp lab. She is poor after all, she having to sweet talk a comp free despite all being reserved, she quickly searching and failing to discover Atwater, emailing some known authors and no one having heard of him. She goes so far as to get a 2nd cousin to check gov’t records for him, but still gets no mention, making her suspicious.

After a couple wks research, Corliss discovers an article giving her some tidbits of his life, and whereabouts. It contains an interview with Harlan regarding his style, and his training starting with a wh. teacher with wh. poets and continued with him researching and seeking black, Indian, and Chicano poets, the “revolutionaries”. Harlan goes on to say how he wishes for his poems to give a glimpse into Indian life, and his ideas coming from the thought of whether the elders’d approve his writing. Harlan shares his sense of humor having come from his g/moth, he having bittersweet funny moments caught in his poems.

The interviewer has him consider whether he felt “radical”, he talking of whether believing poetry being able to “save the world”, than yes. He ends by sharing a story from his shaman g/fath, he foretelling how Indians’d known the exact date wh. men’d come and shit on their rug, they also knew sometime “soon”, they’d have more room. Corliss lucks out and discovers another periodical, and it contains a physical # and addy, she surprised it actually still worked, but her short chat not yielding many answers. Corliss travels to Seattle by bus, the furthest she’s ever been from home, she reminded of Odysseus, which devolves into how much of a prick he was, and vain, but what saves him as a hero, is his epic biographer.

Corliss then considers how everyone is probably their own Odysseus, and Homer, every life an epic journey. She spots a homeless man with impeccably blue eyes, she offering him a meal if he’d share where the addy she had was, he offering to tell her anyway, so she offering out of kindness, like he was. After he eats, Corliss asks how he’d become homeless, he sharing how he’d been a prof, and eventually ended up shouting in the quad for respect. 1 of his students comes up and hugs him after he’d been ignored for 27 hrs, he starts breaking down bawling, and doesn’t stop for 2 wks, eventually selling his house, and spending his savings, and now homeless.

Corliss thanks him for sharing, gets the directions, buys him another meal and leaves, locating the addy, and spending time at the other McD’s considering how to approach Atwater. After a couple more D. Cokes and an apple pie, she goes and knocks on his door, and what she’s greeted by certainly isn’t an Indian version of Harrison Ford, instead she gets a darker skinned Indian, short, and old, maybe older than the 50-60 yrs she imagined. Corliss starts crying for his failing image, but the old man gets why after she explains, offerring to meet her at a bookstore within view. When Corliss walks over to wait inside, she responds sharply to the 80 yr old owner, whom takes her explanation and apology with grace, even offerring privacy by turning her hearing aids off when Harlan arrived.

When Harlan comes in, Corliss is pleased with his efforts to clean himself up, he offerring to share his story. He confesses he’s only a Spokane Indian by blood, he actually raised by a wh. fam in Seattle. So, on 1 level, he’s faking being Indian in not having lived the reservation life. So when he gets semi-popular in poetry, he isn’t opposed since wh. people think they’re Indian, and he’s a good faker, so he fell into the stereotype he’d created, and the people around him believed he’d truly experienced this.

Harlan dives into the night he’d performed at a book store, and brought 25 copies of his new poetry book to sell, thinking this is a modest #, and he’d landed the perfect spot to perform, after which succeeds to sell all his copies, then waits to see the new girl perform. When she’s done, he watches 3 other guys get rejected before giving his props, she recognizing him, and returning his compliments. Harlan gets to see Star Girl nekkid in her bed, the 2 only reading poetry til she chats of how tough his life must be as an Indian, he playing up the living-on-the-rez shtick. He tells how his whole fam’d died in a house fire, 2 sis’s and his parents, 1 of whom’d chucked him as a baby out a window and fireman finding him sleeping in a tree.

Harlan’s sad story doesn’t the trick, she ready to play, but the way she’s playing being to take his pain out on her through their fun, this not turning him on, but laugh. After, he excuses it to being afraid, regardless of whether it’s true, he then abruptly runs out, and goes home, collects the remainder of his books, and goes to a bar which supports his need to speak his poems, even buying him drinks as he gives away the books people offer to buy, he inscribing them, eventually blacking out, and waking in the alley in the morning. He pukes on a pile of his inscribed books, then tires to salvage them, til he sees down the street more piles of his abandoned books, so he drops them, and returns home to his parents. He doesn’t writes a poem again after this night, he also confessing to Corliss how writing poems made him feel like it showed his ordinariness, which he thought himself higher than, but seeing them made it un-ignorable.

Harlan also admits how his parents’d truly saved him, he still living with them, and being ill the reason he couldn’t let her in, he caring for them, now. He also locates his birth ma, she a crack-head in L.A., he confiding how he felt glad to see her like this, since he felt blessed by how he was raised, she asking him what his real name is, but he smiling and walking out. Corliss sits for awhile after until placing Harlan’s book face-out on a shelf, and leaves to go home, as well.

Lawyer’s League intro’s the narrator, Richard late as he describes being half African American, and Spokane Indian, his parents a footballer, and ballerina majors so feeling himself a “graceful monster”. He also plays footy for awhile, also having decent academics, Richard transfers to his parents school, and gets a BA in PoliSci. He gets into the career in politics working for a gov’r, and fronting an org which’s supposed to win over Indians, since most rightly feel all politicians including the Indian one’s are corrupt. Richard has the goal to eventually work in the Wh. House, but now is planning to be senator and enjoys the IDlessness of being a lobbyist.

Richard’s at a dinner party with 2 married couples with different political parties, and a single dem whom shows she’s interested in his flirt as he becomes snarky against opposing party marriages being liars. Richard starts to vibe with Teresa, but upon having a wonderful time with her, he notes people wouldn’t accept their marriage, politically, black native, and blonde, blue-eyed wh. woman. So, they remain acquaintances til she leaves the business to go to Paris. A couple wks after she’d left, Steve, whom works in the attorney general’s office, invites him to a friendly game of pick up hoops, he truly not wishing to mix with Steve’s crowd, proving to’ve been aggro wh. bois working out their issues on court, but after much peer pressure, Richard agrees and plays with some foos he remembers, as well as a huge, new wh. boy public attorney with an attitude.

After the fat, baby boy has a fit because Richard’d made a dunk, and they didn’t regard dunks as countable, Richard plays by his rules, and big baby screams he’d make a dunk when he’d shot it right, Richard this time not backing down despite knowing he’s a guest, but foo’d challenged him, so Richard provides more shit for him to eat. When he finally makes “Big” Baby “Bill” cry again, he resorts to declaring they don’t play “your” kind of hoops, so etiquette-filled are racists of today. It escalates to where Steve is apologizing before Richard leaves, but Big Bill takes 1 last racist dig, and Rich puts him on his 3 inch’s taller ass. Despite the obv. lawsuit which follows, Rich’s record does now contain his charges, he explaining the not-so-clear version to the press and anger management course to follow, to promote patience in front of racists asking for more than the bodychecks they instigate and perpetrate.

In the end, Rich takes on lasting damage to the hand he’d punched Big Baby Bill with, which hurts him every day and permanently damaged his range of motion (so making it ok, ofc to treat a marginalized group to privileged standards, research marginalized groups, and therapy regarding them, there’s too much regarding lack of compassion and justice to deem suitable, since it’d be turned into a rant rather than review).

Can I Get a Witness? A woman is waiting for her check to come back after eating at an Int’l “GoodFood” restau. She’s 50 with 2 teen boys and a large hubby of a man, as her mind wanders from missing when she was closer to God, to snapping back to where the waiter could be. It’s busy there for the lunch hr, Seattle sunny for once, and people taking on pale and beige hues to the skin for lack of UV rays. She wonders if she’ll get fired from her job as a para-para legal for being late again.

As the woman stands to look for the waiter, a small man with a big coat walks into the retaur. shouting in a foreign language and detonates a bomb. 3 people outside die by the explosion, 2 during the ride to the hospital, 37 injured. Inside the retau., 23 people are killed, 14 die in the 1st 24 hrs, 41 people surviving and 13 suffering terrible injury, which requires much time in the hospital, and rehab. The suicide bomber is born in Seattle, Syrian Americ. with Muslim pop, and Catholic ma, in school for his PHD, and is engaged to a fellow PHD student, and after a yr’s investigation, found no affiliation to terrorist activity from him. He votes dem, but had a repub. bestie, giving to charities for Palestinian and Israeli causes, the investigators sign it off as another mystery or the most calculated, evenly psychotic, lonely nut ever known to serial.

The woman’s seen how happy he’d been before setting it off though, she smiling with him, blacking out and waking under a pile of dead, she saving herself. She wasn’t seriously injured, bruised and bloody she walks out to people screaming and dying. She watches the scene like the reporters coming around with cameras. A man in his 40s asks her if she’s ok repeatedly, she feeling a bit crazy, and lying about being in the building.

When he asks where she’d like to go, she says away from the building, she later suggesting his place, since she doesn’t want to go home. They go to his apt a couple blocks away, and he gets her some water. They have an emotional roller coaster of an exchange, before she has a seizure, he attempts to call the police, but only gets busy signal. He tries every local emergency option til checking the local Dominoes, getting the only worker on the line, and eventually convincing the teen to spend time making pizza, since there’ll be a bunch of hungry people coming, despite it being dead rt now.

When he gets off the phone, she’d been staring at him, knowing she’d seized, and as she thinks how indifferent her fam’d become to the point of not arguing how late she started serving dinner, eventually making it to 11pm with no acknowledgement, she next hears the man for her to stay awake in case she’s concussed. It’s told how he couldn’t help telling jokes even during necessary moments since his ex-wife’d given him a chance to talk straight and he still answered with a joke. A couple yrs later and he’s now dealing with this woman on his floor, he feeling the karma, and possibility to handle this differently than his knee-jerk comedy. He shares with the woman of his ex’s nickname for him of, Mr Funny, and he asks her to tell him about why she hated her fam, she returning with where he’d been on 9/11.

Mr Funny’s answer is smart, saying it’d been the day he lost his v, but then saying he’d been at work, a computer game dev, whom’d been working on a terrorist 1st person-shooter changed to cop-shooting terrorist game, they taking out the bit with the WTC before putting it on market. Soon though, the woman brings him to a dark devolvement to the idea about the people who died in 9/11 in the towers, he wondering if God is teaching him when to ignore someone and take them to hospital. The woman convinces him to allow her to get these thoughts out though, and shares how her hubby and kids’d really ridden hard the grief train, she confused what with being Indian and her hubby planting shit tons of flags everywhere about their home. Her hubby’d been a champ powwow fancy dancer, but was a grunting geezer, now.

The woman’s hubby’d convinced their twins to join the marines when they graduated h.s. She considers how her hubby has antlers from the twins and his hunting trips, and flags, struck by the irony of an Indian fighting for the colonizers, then considering how ditzy people were when out of nowhere, people crashed planes into buildings. She states how there truly isn’t any innocent people, like holy books spout, all are sinners. She then shares how she actually knew 1 man in the WTC is raping his daugh. and how happy he must’ve been the day of as his little boy and girl are broken and at school. When the ma hears of the towers , she’s celebrating, for how her hubby beat her or treated her in general, the kids keeping calm til getting home, and celebrating with their ma, but then waiting for a wk til realizing he’s truly gone.

He doesn’t wish for her to continue, but does like being needed as she states she had to get this out. She shares how she’d hoped she’d get the chance to get hit with a terrorist attack, since she’d take the opp to start her life fresh. After she lets loose with a spew of terrible other possible horrible scenarios of the kinds of people lost in the WTC, he carries her out of his apt, and thru the streets til she has him let her go, kisses him, and walks unsteadily away.

Do Not Go Gentle (Ron Francell of the Chicago Sun-Times claims this sex predator is funnier than Louise Erdritch, opinions?) “Mr. Grief” hadn’t bothered the hubby narrating or his wife, til their infant son died 3x after suffocating from SIDS. The 2 of them scared Mr. Grief away multiple times as they sit with their son, his wife 25 and’d the strength of g/ma’s already. The key to being able to beat up Mr. Grief is to know when not to punish people. Hubby gives example of this when he thinks mistakenly of seeing Mr. Grief behind his hubby’s eyes so screams horrible names at her directly in her face, and later falls asleep on the toilet and is scared Mr. Grief’ll kill him in this funny, embarrassing position, when 2 men walk in and chat of a sad woman.

They chat of how slovenly she looked and should’ve tried to look good for when their kids woke from their illness and see her not reflecting her sadness, esp since her kid isn’t terminal like these 2 dads, so like, get over your fat, sweatpants-wearing self! At 1st this incites him enough to move out of his self-pity and make himself known to the 2 hurting men. When he does, he milks out washing and drying his hands as a means to shame them for their ugliness, but also can understand their sentiment from sharing the pain perspective. After, he plans to buy his son some toys and check out a new store, but is shocked to see it’s a sex toy shop, so browses despite not thinking he’d truly by something.

Then, the narrator turns a corner and sees a vibrator titled: Chocolate Thunder, hearing in his head the 2001 Space Odyssey intro music. He quickly buys, and returns to the hospital with it. He whips out the 15 inch wand of brown magic out, and switches it on, praying with it around his baby, shocking the room at 1st, but soon laughing, and praying around the other babies, his humor spreading to many of the fams. Then his wife uses it as her drumstick, and sings a duet which echoed even better with Chocolate Thunder’s asst.

Narrator’s wife prays over their son with Chocolate Thunder over the wk, and thankfully, their son, now named Abraham couldn’t resist opening his eyes to smile at them, with or without the help of Chocolate Thunder. The parents hang Chocolate Thunder over the baby’s crib now, the 2 wondering how they’d explain this crazy world to him when he’s older to wonder himself.

Flight Patterns – William’s woken by his alarm radio at 5am, he idly thinking how he liked knowing random trivia as well as tribal knowledge. He eventually goes into his morning stretches, sleeping on the couch so as to not disturb hubby and daugh. Then, Alexie gives his dream scenario of his hubby insistent he stay rather than go do his salesman job, and offerring sexual favors as compromise. When he resists, she takes 1 more demanding stance before miraculously knocking back out, which he envies her ability to do.

William also acknowledging whilst feminist, did like his wife degrading herself for him sexually, as well as objectifying her in public or otherwise, since he was attracted to her body as well as her mind. He next sees his androgynous kindergartener, and she cries as he leaves, he also assuming she did what her mama’s blessed with and fell asleep already, since he couldn’t hear her anymore. He’d also adopted her fear of terrorists, but isn’t afraid his plane’d get hijacked. As he waits outside and fantasizes of having the loose life of an on the road salesman having 1 night stands, to recognizing the sexism unless women’d the same opp to be reckless with their fam, and then when the cab arrives, (feels like pretend) debates staying instead, before going.

On the ride the cabbie starts to chat, which Will isn’t into, but intrigue pulls him with aversion due to learning of the Ethiopian man’s life, fam, and careers, and whether to believe him, which he calls, but takes lightly as they chat of how Sept 11’s changed people’s views regarding their dark skin, the cabbie guessing Will’s Jewish. When the topic jokingly turns to how a hippie’d attempt to stop a terrorist by chucking a Birkenstock at him or offerring pot, the cabbie admits perhaps if everyone smoked, we’d have world peace. Fekadu next shares his story when Will politely accepts listening, despite not wanting to engage, still. Will learns why he’s no longer welcome in Ethiopia being caused by defecting as a pilot for their over 40 yr reigning emperor, and knew he’d likely never see his sons or wife and mama again.

Fekadu also couldn’t help his fam due to the emperor being overthrown by a coup a yr after he left, and he can’t trust those who’d taken over wouldn’t see him as a coward for not holding out or angry he’d worked for the emperor’s army. By the time he reaches the airline curb, he’s moved enough to tip the man enough to send to his fam, then rushes to find a pay ph. to check in with hubby.

The Life and Times of Estelle Walks Above – Summer 1976, Narrator relates seeing Seattle’s change to wh. tech ideals for society, his Aunt Bettina noting how all the comments about his eyelashes could turn him gay. Narrator knew he isn’t even at 13, since having constant fantasies of girls and women. He admired and absorbed his ma’s knowledge, she going to uni, and her being smart making it tougher on the res. His pop’d left them early, and whilst playing along to hate him as much as his ma, he misses him.

Narrator’s ma is mostly good at parenting, but did forget and has yet to remember forgetting his 9th b/day, he also recognizing she’d always driven him to school, took him to baseball games and poetry readings, folk concerts and ballets. Unfortunately, she also made a scene regularly, like becoming overly distraught when 2 ballerinas knock into each other, and his ma is adamant the 1 will be fired for knocking into the prima ballerina, and regret it for life. She also tries to be his best buddy when she fails a parent quiz from a mag, so also gives wkly sex advice. When she’d gotten into progressive, becoming whole woman programs, though, 13 yr old Narrator could’ve done without it.

The Narrator ends up learning teen girls thought of sex as often as boys, which made the looking back upon his teen yrs quite a different experience than those who say, if only I knew then, what I know now. (Some of these characters begrudgingly state or must somehow include the verbiage to support equality for all genders, but narrowed to females.) He continues on how this extends to his lack of closeness to his culture, and doesn’t think of it unless a wh. person brings it up. His ma would lie to her wh. buddies of her last name, Walks Above, her true name Miller, but changing it when leaving the rez for Seattle. A downside to Estelle’s popularity with her wh. buddies for being Indian is how he’d often get ignored in preference of the needy bitches.

This summer Narrator’s feeling neglected and starved for paternal attn, but got females and providing them manual labor for free, instead. She also shares her views on wh. libs and Leonard Peltier being innocent, but a couple Indians did probably kill the 2 cops, and all this trouble coming from picking up a gun to start with, but Leonard Peltier should be released, and the 2 Indians found. (Some of those characters thoughts and scenes feel like they’re from real life…) Estelle also gives a list of how to keep his sex life going having much to do with household tasks. He shares how Estelle’d not been in love or making any since the Narrator’s birth, she preferring “open books” to “closed men”.

As Estelle’s driving them home after finally locating their car, they following a happy blonde, tall woman in a wh. dress and period blood on the back of her dress, and not noticing. Despite planning and panicking to inform her, an old woman drives recklessly to provide a jacket and wrap around her waist before running back, driving away. Estelle and son are crying and she slaps the boy a few times to calm him, the 2 hugging it out, and he admitting the 2 continue and always shall treat each other this way til death, loving and failing each other, til crying and burning the church in grief for the other.

Do You Know Where I Am? Narrator and Sharon are steady in Seattle college, and bond over being Indigenous and Catholic, so start a relationship which lasts 3 yrs so far. Narrator’s pop dies of cancer when he’s born, and his ma wants him to have an understanding of his heritage, so sends him to see his pop’s parents for half the summer, not feeling like he’d learned anything tribal from rez life other than reading detective novels, and garage sales. Narrator prefers Seattle life despite adoring his g/parents and the sedate life. He’d been schoolmates with Bill Gates, his ma a lawyer, so able to send him private.

Sharon’s parents are both architects and helped build a few of the larger skyscrapers downtown. So, Narrator and Sharon are the assimilated prince and princess of Indians. The day before their graduation they walk near 1 of their fave spots near a creek Narrator climbing after what sounds like a hurt cat for Sharon’s high opinion rather than the “dumb ass cat”. When he succeeds, he next hopes she’ll be fine allowing the half starved animal go free, but she thinks it’d been owned.

Narrator thinks about how smart she is once recollecting a missing cat in an ad, she able to spout Shakespeare by heart, he proud by making her monosyllabic and grunt at home from their recreation… Sharon goes off with the cat in search of the paper, and by the time Narrator’s holding the cat as she dumpster-dives in search of the paper, he gaslights her by saying she probably hadn’t seen it, despite her eidetic memory, and they should drop the cat at the pound. When she locates the paper, and calls the #, she sprints off with the cat as Narrator follows, he claiming to have heard the cat crying when the owners wish to hear how they’d located him. He also takes credit for calling, and remembering the ad, he telling Sharon afterward he needed to feel adored by these strangers, she stating the facts of lying to them all, and ditching him, the 2 graduating separately as he lies to his ma where she is, then saying she’d gone on an Apache month long retreat.

A day later, Narrator confesses being scared he’d lost Sharon for good for being a brag, not knowing if he’d proven this repeatedly or only the once. The next day, Sharon comes and speaks with him of marrying a liar, and how she tells the lost cat story a lot, they having 4 kids who’ve grown, and had kids, now. Sharon never offers forgiveness nor does he ask, the meaning of the now public joke changing and lightening with time. Sharon confesses to an affair lasting 3x of sleeping with the man, and allowing 3 questions to be fair to the liar, their other secrets from each other “normal” stuff like, hidden porn, or diets not adhered to, but her blatant confession rightfully hurting his feels, she ending with not ever expecting to speak of it again.

Narrator also was confused by her deal, and crying whilst saying it. He goes to a point of anger where he surprises himself by feeling like he wanted to punch his wife in the gut, then pacing and memorizing how she physically looks, before becoming ecstatically relieved to learn “she’d only slept with a wh. man”, feeling he’s good enough of an Indian man for his Indian wife… (Ain’t he a 1, tho?) After, he asks what she’d done with him, she not saying the words, so through pointing, shows him which makes him laugh, making her laugh, and they sit together again, before their kids come home and they do normal fam stuff til the kids are in bed, after which, deciding to remain married (under “normal” circumstances, minus knowing Alexie is a sexual assaulter, and conditioner, this scenario can almost be believable). 2 yrs after, they’re doing better with all the grueling work they put in, their kids grew up well, and he pinpointed the issues of Americans earning less than their parents, like they had; this should resound LOUDER than it seems to be…

By the time Sharon’s 66, they’ve got 6 grandkids, and she’s now on chemo, and on her deathbed, she says again how he’s a liar (their kids leaving them along after their own g/byes), he saying it’s only once, and he hadn’t again after, she asking if it’s true, and he stating yes. (E-YES)

What You Pawn I Will Redeem – At noon, a homeless Indian Narrator seriously keeps how he becomes homeless secret, since white peeps crazy for gossip. He next details flunking out of college, working more menial jobs, marrying 3x to accumulate 3 kids, then goes crazy asocial, but not “serial killer”. He’s been homeless for 6 yrs now, and he feels the most accomplished he’s ever been as a homeless man, knowing the best free food, and being proud of being trustworthy enough to some businesses to being allowed to use cleaner, employee bathrooms. He’s banded with 2 other homie Indians, Junior making him jelly because he looks “Before Columbus” and Narrator looks “After Columbus”, he knowing when handling wh. peeps, it’s best to stay quiet.

1 lunch, the 3 head for a 7/11, and Narrator notices a pawn shop he’s not seen before, which’s 99.9% uncommon on top of this, he’s almost certain it had on display his g/ma’s powwow regalia, which’d been stolen 50 yrs ago, and he’d only seen in pics, but this 1 had his fam colors and the feathers looking too similar. The 3 enter the shop to be greeted by an old white guy. Narrator states his claim, and the old man asks if he can prove it, which Narrator knew if he could find his fam’s flaw they purposely sew into their regalia, he could convince the man. When they locate it, the man considers his options despite knowing the moral thing’d be to return it, but he spent a grand on it, and wanted at least $999, so he doesn’t lose out.

So, Narrator makes him a compromise to give him 24 hours to make up the difference to 25 bucks he donates to getting the grand. The 3 leave, get 3 bots at 7/11, and by morning, Rose of Sharon’d returned to the rez to live with her sis, as Jr slept with either his own or someone else’s vomit on him. Narrator goes to the wharf where he listens to and cries for awhile with the Aleut, Alaskan Indians who got stuck going broke in Indian bars, and are now waiting, going on 11 yrs for their boat to come back and ferry them home. After, he goes back to check on Jr, taking his half ciggy, then deciding to try and get the cash by stopping at the Real Change office.

This multi-helpful org also sells papers to anyone and they keep the profit from their sales, the boss asking why Narrator needed the strange amt requested. Big Boss compromises by giving him 50 papers for free, but Narrator only sells 5 and buys cheeseburgers, he ending up throwing up, since he’s alchie, so hopes he ate enough to not die. (“His face with covered with”) tattoos, his g/ma bonding with the Maori soldier whom’d lost his legs and hadn’t met an American Indian before. After taking the last buck and change off the still sleeping Jr, he goes to the Korean market and gets 2 lottery tix for a buck each, and a cigar, he coming in, and always telling the Korean daugh. inside on reg he loved her, he allowed to do this by her, since agreeing she’d not allow even dreaming of sleeping with her.

Outside, he smokes his cigar, and after tries the tix, and winning a free ticket, which’s a winner of a bill, so he gives a 20 to the Korean girl for Indian tradition, and when going back to Jr, finds him gone, and learns later he’d hitched to OR where he dies of exposure in an alley behind a Hilton. Narrator next goes to a 20 yr old adopted Indian bar, Big Heart’s. He treats the 8 women and 7 guys to 6 shots each with his 80 bux, then sits with a couple after the woman’d called the amount of shots he’d be buying with his cash when he’d mentioned it. The man admits to being 2 Spirit, and able to charm straight guys into sleeping with him, but Narrator goes after Irene, she playing along, and he blacking out to them both being gone, and he being broke.

By closing time, Narrator’s asking for a beating and gets 1 from the bartender, he waking and walking with a broken nose at a warehouse. When he’s forced awake again, it’s by a friendly cop he knew whom gives him a ride, and marvels how Narrator could be joking after being found passed out on the railroad tracks, he admitting to only knowing 2 funny tribes, Jews and Indians, so genocide must be the funny-maker. (Maybe…) After sharing the story of how his g/fath. died and why he needs the cash, the cop gives him 30 bucks and stops peer pressuring him to go into the 24 hr detox. Narrator then goes back to sit with the Aleut on the dock as they sing his requested ceremonial songs as he thinks of how he wished for his g/ma to be alive.

After they finish, Narrator treats them to breakies at a cheap diner known to serve homeless people. After, Narrator walks to the pawn shop hearing later the Aleuts’d vanished into the water at the dock, either drowning or walking North. The pawn shop isn’t where he thought, but he does locate it, and when the old man whom now looks younger hears how much he made, and working hard for it, the man gives him his g/ma’s regalia for free. Narrator steps outside with it, puts it on and stops traffic as he dances with, and as his g/moth.

Whatever Happened To Frank Snake Church? So, Frank, 39 has a tumble down a slope on Mt. Rainier, a Spokane Indian, and had a smoke problem. Frank’s heart arrhythmia calms, and he assesses not being too hurt, except for a cut needing stitches as he slowly crawls back up the 20 or 30 yd drop he’s tumbled. He gingerly stands, and walks but soon gets a jolt making him think he’d suffered a heart attack. Then, he gets 3 lightning strike jolts hit him and throw him back, he thinking he’s going to die with pizza shit in his pants, when he sees his dead pop, which helps him accept this vision.

Frank’s mission is now to restore his pop, Harrison’s dignity before being found, so hoped to make it to his truck and drive, rather than radio in, like a proper protocol of a ranger. He also feels his pop’s spirit is waiting for him despite not believing in the after life, and wants to send him off right. As he drives he works on a tastefully jokey eulogy, and reminisces how he and his pop’d go to whatever basketball game for the passion of the teams regardless of pro or not. Frank knew he’d come up with a properly drafted and written eulogy, as he speeds through the city of Seattle, now to race to the front door after parking on the lawn, and to see his pop fine, and eating Grape Nuts, Frank sharing his vision, and his pop making a joke.

A yr later, Frank’s pop does have a heart attack at the market, Frank not quite feeling it’s proper to say he’d predicted it, what with the time, and place he’d passed. At the funeral, Frank’s grief makes him lose his ability to speak, and then only announce loving his pop, everyone giving sympathy, and his ma’s aunt Margaret kissing him hard on the mouth, and constructively criticizing him by not having mentioned his pop playing basketball, being short, and slow, unlike Frank, whom’s 6’6, and pro for a bit before giving it up after his ma’s death. He goes home alone after the funeral, and doesn’t think he’ll grieve when it comes at him hard. He then has a round of howling with grief, sleeping, and waking, repeating this a few times.

Then Frank goes into his pop’s closet and finds a basketballs, he deciding he’d reclaim it, running to the park, and taking his 1st dribble shop after 22 yrs. He misses his 1st shot horribly, and a wk later, he quits his job as forest ranger. Frank’d made 10s of Ks through saving, so could survive without a job for awhile. So, his new plan is to work out, play basketball, and build strength.

Frank finds a personal trainer and interviews him to learn his dedication, the 2 bonding pretty well, so Russell the trainer estimating a yr to be attempted to get Frank where he wants to be good at basketball again. He loses weight, and gives all the old furniture, knick knacks, and clothes, buying simple replacements, and keeping all 3k books, building bookshelves for them on the walls, and reading 1 per day. Frank tends to train til he hurts himself, Russell having to turn him away sometimes for 3 wks to heal, and when he’s away from Russell he goes all over the city to play with every kind of person. 1 black guy called Double-O plays against him, and Frank just barely wins, making a legendary dunk, impressing even his opponent.

Frank then reminisces on how KFC chx smell reminds him of his ma, so he’d auto remember his pop, thinking of when they’d gotten chx and brought a basketball to picnic at a park. Frank as a boy is emotional, but could stick up for himself at school. After eating he asks his pop to play some hoops, but he makes him beg, then says his ma’d play with him, Frank not 1st believing them when they say she used to play basketball, but is soon convinced, despite she not playing or showing her skills to him before. After proving her skill to her 11 yr old with practicing and making more and more shots than misses, she hopes the world doesn’t crush the sentimentality out of Frank, whom’s easily in tears.

This is 1 of Frank’s best best memories with his parents, since they played at the park well into night. The anniv. of Frank’s pop’s death it’s raining, so the park he goes to is empty except for Preacher, an older black man, and retired railroad engineer, whom always came to dunk balls. The 2 play HORSE as Preacher talks shit, Frank losing and getting schooled on his denial at wanting to be good as his younger self. Frank’s resolve breaks from Preacher’s shit-talking, and so witnesses Frank’s descent into mad sadness.

Frank runs off still laughing manically and doesn’t leave home for a couple wks, Russell b&eing through his window, and Frank scaring him when he states his illegal doings. He calls for help for him as the 2 laugh about not being attracted to each other despite Russell’s gayness. A yr and nearly a half later, Frank’s fat and alive, and hoping to enroll in community college. Frank’s therapist had suggested it, he rather returning to his job as a forest ranger.

The college admin recognizes cold feet and offers to walk Frank to the N.A. admin office, so he doesn’t feel as overwhelmed. When they get there and the young lady intros and leaves the 2, she gives Frank a kiss on the cheek, which sentimentalizes the moment and makes him break down, the Indian admin, Stephanie comforting him. 3 wks later, he speaks with the college coach, getting the chance to show his skills with the current dream team he’d built. Frank gives the point guard a run for his money before hurting his knee badly, saying goodbye to his parents, and agreeing he’d be ok.

It’s well-written, poetic in nature, but after learning how freely Alexie disrespects women by attempted conditioning, and hoping his celebrity’ll get him laid like a rock star, I can definitely hear the perv dark shadow Alexie presents as shared and accepted as normal perversity shared between genders, and women actually liking being exploited by the men they love, which makes it alright. It’s 1 fascinating view into the mind of a marginalized perv, at least. I’d read more, but only from the library or borrowed… I’ll support the non-sexist indigenous authors, thanks!

Trigun Maximum Vol. 13: Double Duel

Mil and Mer tumble and Mil goes unconscious. Chronica’s tasked to watch the growing of Knvs’ power, and she refers to Domina of how humans’ll regret their actions. Mer and Mil are aided by Livio, whom holds up a wall barricade for them, he introing himself, then warning them to quickly move, since he’s being targeted. The army of men face off with Livio whom asks where their general is, then spotting him, realizing it’s a trick and gives chase with the soldiers scrambling to stop him, and failing.

Chronica seems to be analyzing how serene the cointegration is with the being’s participating, as Vash and Knvs are still claiming this to be the final battle, now. Vash steps it up and uses his power, announcing so, as people outside see the sky and ships looking like they’re falling out of the sky. Then, some girl recounts her tale of how she’d become a sadistic murderer due to a gang of rapists controlling her when she was young and powerful through legacy. Then, she is saved by a man, whilst being raped, seeing as his body is cut in half.

The girl marvels at the man and laying her life down if he’d let her learn from him, his work so clean, the beheaded man was still conscious for her to torture gleefully. When he asks her name, she tearfully confesses not having 1, and feeling reborn. This woman now fearfully asks Legato if he’d’ve been mad if she killed Vash long ago. Vash meanwhile’s panting after his power drain, Knvs again saying goodbye to him.

The girl’s then told off by Legato, she’d be dead already if she hadn’t been loyal, and she should stop pretending the 2 of them’d ever be equal, since she’s a “fucking” human. Meanwhile, Livio’s facing off with a woman whom claims the general’s spattered all over a wall, and swears to put Livio on a crucifix, what with being a member of the Eye of Michael. Livio’s ready for her attacks as ships are close to impacting the Earth. Chronica’s made the scientist nervous with the mission she’d sold him being suicidal.

Vash’s still facing off with Knvs as he even says he’d make it so his powers are dulled for the fun of both of them dying. Livio ends with how his outfit helps him feel more powerful to the woman fighting him.

Nope; definitely understand people referring to the confusing storyline or lack of it, but by this point it’s only a blip til the finish, so onward!

Trigun Maximum Vol. 12: The Gunslinger


Vash’s thinking back through the yrs and people he’s met and fought or is beaten down by, recognizing he’s heading towards the end by meeting up with Knives finally. Chronica and Domina are chatting of how cointegration is going as the military launch their missile, and Knvs surprises them by warping. Knives avoids the missile, but now it’s passed, they consider where he could be thinking of retaliating. Chronica shares with the scientist how only Knvs is the only creature to be able to warp his size at will.

An explosion occurs, the town seeing it, and is in an understandable panic as the military hurriedly states of not knowing what the explosion is, or whether it’s connected to the ark. Domina meanwhile, notices the humans aiming their weapons at them also stating of being in an “uproar”, screaming unintelligibly, Chronica then realizing whomever she is speaking with isn’t Domina, she sensing Knives seemingly, using “tentacles” to reach out into the stratosphere. Meanwhile, the Abureibus II ship’s defenses turn off, and Vash takes a shot with his sharpshootin’ skills. Back with Mer and Mil, they hear and see a flash of something quick, as Vash is ready to fight Knives on normal power, since his hair is quite black now.

Knives can’t understand how Vash could ignore reality so easily, he having absorbed thousands of plants and about to see another “relative” perish. Vash states he’s ready for whatever Knives throws at him, Knives being a simple one track mind about chasing “weaklings” around. When Knives shows off his power, he realizes Vash’d changed his power into bullets. About 80 yrs previously, Vash and Knives are still together, and then the tragic day happens, Vash and Knives arguing over men, women, and kids deaths as Vash’s chained to a rock and points a gun at Knives.

Knives is bored by their opinion’s differing and allows for Vash to stay there til he’s calmer. As Knives walks away announcing he planned to continue annihilating people, Vash shoots him, and Knives punishes his shit aim by using his power to slice his shooting arm off. Vash confides this time he’d be finishing the job after Knives claims to take more than his arm in this fight. When Knives realizes still Vash is siding with the flip-flopping humans, he shows his disgust, Vash not denying, but this not meaning Knives’d decide the fate of the world because of them.

Vash clarifies their 1st argument when Knives wiped out the town which’d killed travelers, Vash stating he hadn’t known the circumstances behind it, this town having to eventually have people leave for the radioactive contaminants there. 1 girl made to leave without explanation, she sobbing, alone and walking in the desert til telling her story to Vash. So, eventually Vash locates the source of radioactivity stemming from the town not cultivating the plants which’re now growing wild, Knives not seeing the point Vash is trying to make. Vash explains he couldn’t forgive Knives the ignorance he repeatedly shows by refusing to be compassionate.

The military fires more missiles which proves Knives’ point of human’s always destroying the good work 1 starts. Meanwhile, the scientist has Chronica stop “personal salvage” in preference to collecting info on their enemy.

Trigun Maximum Vol. 11: Zero Hour


Members of Knives’ gang discuss dead members like Chapel and the old man as Vash is getting shit from a fella, Brad back on the ship, and refusing to trust Vash wouldn’t kill them the 1st chance he gets. Soon they refocus to how the military plan to bomb them with 1 of the last pieces of ship tech, and only needed a clean shot. What the military didn’t know or care about is where the energy for the blaster is coming from” the plants in the ark, and they aren’t going to follow the order to kill their own kind, but more likely will take out humanity. The last surviving humans gather from the 7 dead cities to Oct, where the ark is supposed to land and save them, people starting to aid each other, for now.

Mil and Mer reminisce of the old days tagging with V as they stand on the ark looking out at the desert. Then a big explosion followed by Vash appearing, the 3 happily reuniting. Then over the radio is a message from the people who’ve come to help them, assuring they’re relatives from the space armada “Pieces of Earth”. Knives is aware of their arrival and gleeful for how much they’d brought with them, since his plan would ‘ve destruction come down on everyone’s heads.

Meanwhile, V orders the wrong caliber bullets, and the man at the bar tells how painful it is to watch him struggle rather than ask for help from Mer or Mil who wait to aid him all the time. It makes V uncomfy emo as he cries in front of the guy, which he confides to V is awkward. Outside people start seeing a brightness in the sky, people soon realizing what it is, and seeing it grow. Stardate yr 0114, 20th day, 7th mo, 8:47pm, Knvs has a chat with 1 of his women disciples, she saying how her kind’ve been helping the plant species for quite some time, another woman soon feeling unwell, and asking Legato what is happening to her.

Soon, Knvs feels the poison, and thinks it’s worms, this confirmed by another foo outside, declaring the poisoned been administered to a part of his brain, and the effects’re now showing. The woman soothes Knvs to know they plan to at least carry out his wish to end humanity, he just not surviving to see it. Meanwhile, Legato is soon being controlled by a worm, whom details he could use Legato’s power to relocate the whole “colony” into Legato on a whim. Later, a tally of the fallen Knvs gang is discussed, it noted Beast is still missing.

A woman, Chronica states to a fella in glasses of “independants”, plants are still on the planet, and how the black hair which’s supposed to prevent independants from even being created, has been learned how to live through. Chronica talks out loud of how they must’ve learned how to absorb their siblings for the power needed, the man qing how nothing is unkn to her, and she revealing how she being his creation meant he should know what she knew. Meanwhile, V discovers and puts together a switch, he then relying on Livio to look out for his trannie enemy. Then, yr 0014, Jul 21st, people see the fantastic-looking being flying upward into the sky.

Vash’s reassuring the mayor of they not being in danger, and if he’d allow him into the upper levels of the ark, when Luida returns, and she qs V on whether he’d finished the explosives he’d been working on, it going well, and he sharing ‘their’ “voices” could be heard by him, being scared, and knowing an attack’d occur during the evening, V encouraging shooters to aim like being aware women are inside the ship, so aim high…and he didn’t plan to allow Knives to keep getting his way. A few hrs later, V’s still advising the people back up areas to aim, telling of a plant’s 2 powers giving and taking power, would be how they’d hit them. Vash tended to use his power to keep a small window open for them when they close the gate. Mer starts crying, making V think she believed he wouldn’t succeed.

The mayor next sends out a message to the remaining humans to not shoot at the ark when it gets closer, stunning them. Meanwhile, Chronica tells the scientist about analysis, then instructs her to send a message to Earth to ask for permission for a preemptive strike. Livio faces off with the woman and she taunts him to make his shot, she surprising him with 1 from the sky without moving from directly in front of him. She then states how she feels a bit estranged from Knvs’ lack of trust in her ability to follow through with detonating the bomb to end human life.

Livio scares some kids he’s attempting to warn not to go outside, and the woman’d only be after him, but seeing him stuck through with a few knives and swords having the kids retreating slowly. Then the kids older sis comes in and finds them, scolding how they should’ve left, they agreeing and tearily apologizing. A couple hrs after this, Livio is looking at the plant monster in the sky.

It’s revving up, hopefully, again. This has been light shit…

Trigun Maximum Vol. 10: Wolfwood

Wolfwood’s feeling his wounds, but also numbing to the point of wondering if he’s already dead. Master C states how needlessly stubborn Wolfwood is being by clinging to Vash saving everyone when it’s more likely the end would come in a few days. Wolfwood admits he’d left Vash in the lurch by coming to fight him and Wolfwood, as well, and to prepare to die 1st. Master C sticks his huge sword just enough into Wolfwood, he then dealing with the g/ma and orphan kids who refused to leave her side despite her telling them to flee.

Master C mocks how tight knit they are, and why Wolfwood is trying to protect them, he dragging him forward making note how his regenerative cells’d changed his appearance from how they’d known him from before. G/ma recognizes him, and says how sad she is he hadn’t listened to her about dealing with problems alone, but happy he’d returned to them in the end. Wolfwood agrees he’d made a mistake by waiting, and had met someone dumber than himself whom’d have helped him if he’d sense to ask. Master C decides this unloading had reached its end, and is ready to kill Wolfwood, Vash coming to his rescue, confirming Wolfwood’d made a true buddy!

Wolfwood can’t imagine why Vash’d come so far like a dummy, as Razlo trips out due to Vash dodging all his cross guns bullets. Razlo bets he can’t hold out for his next blasts of 10 seconds as Wolfwood is quickly healing against Master C’s shots, he shocked to learn Wolfwood had double dosed himself which should make him implode. Razlo starts yelling Master C’s name, when he’s engulfed in explosions, Vash instructing G/ma and kids to find shelter indoors. When Razlo sees the 2 men fight in tandem seamlessly, and fluidly, he wonders how often they must fight in high stress.

The duo quibble like kids as Wolfwood insults Vash’s looks finally matching his age, but admits to having overdone it to Vash’s hanging head. Wolfwood then states Vash should sit this out for him to handle solo, but he doesn’t agree. Soon though, Vash gets why Wolfwood feels he must handle their enemy alone, like Vash felt toward Knives. Razlo is ready to take the duo out together as an honor to Master C, threatening to make Wolfwood’s head vanish.

When Wolfwood attacks, Razlo is let down by his lack of threatening moves. Razlo returns attack, and Wolfwood also shoots back in unison with him, and as they continue, Razlo senses Wolfwood is getting quicker until he’s defeated. A soppy skelly is left to wonder how his regeneration isn’t starting, Wolfwood taking the last punch to the skull before killing Razlo. Then, Livio realizes he’s going to truly live normally, which officially kills Razlo.

Wolfwood acknowledges “Crybaby Livio” finally has returned. Flashback to Nicholas deciding to leave the orphanage and getting a warm send off and always welcomed back. Present, Wolfwood asks g/ma to not let the kids know it’s actually him if shit goes sideways. Then, he has a seat with Vash and they share a drink, Wolfwood almost finishing his confession of regret for insulting Vash’s smile being lifeless.

Next, Livio-presumably-looking like Razlo goes inside a bar to ask Vash where Wolfwood is, he confirming he’s dead and buried. He then sees Vash’s hair is more streaked black, realizing he hadn’t heard thunder earlier. Vash invites Livio to eat, and the 2 eat all day, and before splitting up, Vash states of chasing after the ship taking off soon.

Cute death, let’s see where Vash now takes us, ey?

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