WILLOW CREEK Issue #0 and Issue #1

Jan. ’74 Jake Landis, famed hunter comes to Willow Creek to find Bigfoot, speaking with the Narrator whom isn’t invited to come, but’d receive updates. Landis tracks blood and a footprint, a couple days later the Narrator receives an anon. call about Landis ending the investigation, but the man hangs up without answering if he’d been on Landis’ team. Next Landis is screaming for help in the woods, his crewmember with night goggles to see into the foggy distance, takes them off before turning around to see a wolf-monster-like creature. A newspaper article shows Willow Creek being popular for Bigfoot sightings, and how long they’d been seen there.

Nov ’58, large prints are located which 1 anon. ranger admits to never seeing prints like these before. Dec. ’59, Ivan Sanderson stirs up curiosity with an article of his own of BF roaming the forests of N. Amer. Nov ’67, Patterson and Gimlin footage is mentioned. Mar. ’68, Jake Landis goes to Willow Creek and wonders whether his expertise will yield results.

An intriguing start, and the art is dreamy, showing the mysterious horror. The 2nd half is another “Tales” type horror, complimentary to the 1st story, which I’ve skipped, since it won’t continue in the 1st issue. I’m interested to see how this ends, since there aren’t any more issues.

People come through Willow Creek either for BF or flat tires, then sometimes tourists feel like they’ve become a part of the town, but should mind their own shit. The story opens on an attempted rape after a perv strands a girl a mile out and tries for the assault, she kicking him in the nuts and running through the snow. She runs into a monster with fangs, and later in the night a couple is driving who turn out to be co-working cops, driving to a spot with people looking panicked out in the snow. When the 2 go out to investigate, they know the locals who say they’d run into something which spooked them, the Sheriff then sees the torn up corpse in the snow.

The man describes their experience of seeing a creature in the woods, and shooting at it, so the cops now must determine whether the murder is man-made. A dozen miles from Willow Creek, the Hoopa Indian tribe’s res can be located, and Honaw informs in g/fath of the murdered girl. The 2 discuss a “true blood” being close and’d know soon whether he’s ready. Meanwhile, Deacon McKay’s moved back into his gen’s long fam home with his own fam, and upon returning chats with his wife Mandy outside about the body on the hwy, but then mentions suspecting BF, his son hearing and thinking it was bs, but kid-style, since he’s smoll.

Elsewhere, an older man and wife are at home and the hubby decides to stay up due to seeing the girl, as well. Then, he hears a loud noise outside, and when checking, sees his loose pet raccoon, but then hears the racc get kilt. He widens his eyes and shoots, and when his wife checks on him, he’s laying on the ground. Half hr later, Deacon’s speaking with the wife and is updated of someone in the station confessing to a murder, and Honow’d shown up, apparently working at the local hardware store. So,t he other reason Deacon’d returned to town is due to the new cop station.

He speaks to Lenny, whom says he’d pretty much killed the girl by scaring her off into the snow. Lenny is a pussy and doesn’t explain why he confessed, simply wanting the protection of the cell for knowing what is out there. When Deacon suggests BF, Lenny denies this creature’s the same. It looks like a differently similar type of monster.

Definitely a fat tease, the art is fine, but underwhelming for the lengthy, boring dialogue and cop out ending and not enough BF not BF. If you find it cheap it’s fine as a quickie, issue #0 is much better.

Batman: Last Knight On Earth #3

BM chats with the commish about Chill’s son’s ID being hidden and life as well as death disappeared. BM shares the likely way the boy’d died is through surgery at Gotham Presbyterian from appendectomy due to the doc being sloshed. Next BM speaks with Dick Grayson of how Omega’d rebuilt Gotham on top of Wayne Tower. The team owls describe how they’d been under Omega’s control for yrs, but now are working to make everything free from him.

The owls discuss how this BM could get them into Wayne Tower, since he shares the same blood as the OG BM, and Omega. They go to Selina, whom decides to help rather than pull the string to sound alarm, giving WW her OG Lasso. WW leads the owls to handle Omega’s amplifier in the Tower. Joker and BM go through the tunnels when a mech’d enemy of Omega attack, and Joker gets the chance to become the next Robin after Bats’d beat the fella in the suit.

They reach the doors to the tower and BM hopes he can crack the key pad code. They get the door open and see Omega’s “bat cave” was filled with conquest trophies. Omega surprises them with tightening bands which auto-bind them, as WW learns the amplifier is J’onn. WW gets trapped inside the room with J’onn as Omega’s reveling in chatting with BM as he’s bound in a chair, which used to give omniscience, but now erases memories to become whatever Omega wants, in his case, a hero for his new, improved Gotham.

After Joker tries to take out Omega, young BM shouts how the real BM’d’ve been ashamed of him, Omega revealing he’s the OG, scarred to the gills. Meanwhile, the owl peeps outside the door soon get attacked by J’onn and others. Old Bruce shares his plan of changing young BM to take his place, since he’s old. After switching the chair on, he walks from the room.

Joker then pipes up to tell young BM how he’d been the 1 to orchestrate the boy’s death in the alley as a test for him. After, young BM spits Alf’s coin from his mouth as the owls fight the monster enemies in the hall. BM then confronts Omega outside, the 2 dueling til Old Bruce gives up making BM his replacement, instead planning to stab him. Back with Dick Grayson, J’onn stabs him with a needle which makes him foam at the mouth.

BM overpowers Old Bruce, and WW passes out getting J’onn to wake up, he carrying her out. By the end it shows WW’s reference to BM having opened the door anything, being about SM’s landing on Erf as a babby.

Cute off and on, art is good enough.

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #2

Joe Chill’s sneaking about, when someone calls out of his gun no longer being in the drawer he’d opened, and BM’d also moved his other weapons, threatening Joe to talk about the dead boy found in the alley, and as he hedges answering, BM supplies how it’s being said the boy’s his son, which there’s no record of Joe’s paternity, claiming the boy seems to take after him, what with killing Waynes’ in alleys. BM demands to know as Chill toys with him, saying he already knew, and his own house’d burn down, mirroring BM’s threat as he’d set fire to Chill’s home with the meal he’d been cooking. Joker then wakes BM with a “knock knock”. BM tells Joker to sleep more, but Joker replies his dream’d been too loud. As he babbles on, interrupting BM when he’d been answering Joker’s q on what it was, BM interrupts him of they needing to move, Joker agreeing but he speaking figuratively with asking to be new Robin as BM’s referring to a read lightning twister.

Joker pleads as BM’s running, Joker saying he should be careful since the storm is a speed force, and it’d age him to dust or “baby cells”. When BM locates shelter in a cave, he watches the storm show him his Robins who were yelling for his help, and wanting to, Joker feeling his heart vibrate his jar, before they moved on. They’re soon batgliding over a base, and Joker doesn’t answer what it is, but BM soon figures. Fort Waller had started off being a scientific joining with humans and nature, but became monster animal men.

BM and Joker watch from above as army men face off with the monsters, and BM at 1st wants to help everyone, but Joker knew he sees the lost cause, since this is as natural as it gets and fly on. Meanwhile, Alf is walking in Gotham and is harassed by Crane and Scarecrow, but then Omega intros himself before magicking Alf into believing he’d saved the Waynes’, then collapses. They reach the lazily drawn Plains of Solitude, and Joker’s still asking for status. Then, Superman’s baby spaceship crashes in and SM carries Bruce as he passes out, saying he’d made it.

Next, BM’s following him outside and asks why he was hiding out there, SM still walking in explanation, since he reveals they’re actually at his fam farm, and upon walking in and telling BM to follow him, in reply to what’s happening, Luthor then replies to BM from upstairs of the SM being perfect as he is when BM asks what was wrong with him. Luthor says the SM he’s looking for is everywhere around them, then leads BM to a bunch of standing SMs in the barn, explaining SM’d left the replicas to solidify Clark Kent’s ID, and they’re Luthor’s new babies, made out of Kryptonian and organic material. Luthor states his goal to bring SM back and he’d show him, now. Luthor shows how he could use a Brainiac crown to bring him back, he then shares how he’d offered a public debate with SM, and how whilst he’d planted Kryptonian shards deep into the earth, there’d only be stakes, no tricks.

The 2 make their impassioned speeches, and SM obv wins, but the both knew he’s save Luthor as the shards shot through the platform, and Luthor continues on how the whole thing failed, since they’d tried to make another BM to deal order, but it’d all fallen apart. Next, SM walks through saying Lex’s name, he answering kindly like a father, as SM body slams him. Omega reveals himself, and has SM toss BM, but WW slices through SM, BM acting like he had it handled. WW rips Supe’s head off, and states to Crane of this defense not working on her.

Then an army of Supes fly at them and WW asks if Luthor can make a portal, being able but, only within 50 miles. WW still has him do it, and she states she couldn’t forget this act, but also not forgetting his other terrible crimes. BM and she go through BM noting the area felt odd, WW noting it’s haunted. BM then realizes they’re on the Spectre’s cape, and it acted as a portal, where everyone lives, now.

BM can’t see anything, and Joker keeps freaking out after hearing each of them talk, then WW shares she can see with her Lasso. BM insists on seeing despite her warning of it being worse having to see them, but he does anyway, and at 1st it’s only voices, but then he sees many people he knew, but what puts him off is seeing Alf. BM barely holds it together, but remembers the penny Alf’d given him, and what gets them through is WW remind BM’d held open the door, “that one time”, and this is also why she follows him, after this they moving quickly through the underworld. They go through scenes only described by Joker til WW declares they’d made it.

BM’s surprised by seeing a different Gotham not near where Gotham is. Omega’s controlled everyone and now they plan to take the city back. BM admits to having snuck into Themyscira when it was called Paradise Island, then the Court of Owls comes out surrounding them, and demanding who they are. Then Dick Grayson takes off his mask upon seeing BM, and Joker gleeful with how things turn out crazy funnier his way.

I’m enjoying the Joker’s conclusion, but most of this is “meh” to me. I hope to see the rev up cont.!

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1

Joker narrates having almost been with BM for his whole life, having adventures. As BM speaks with Alf in the Batmobile, through comp Joker continues on how BM’s alarm is through his body scars, warning him. BM’s tracking odd chalk marks around town, which disappear later, he putting together they made an outline of his figure, and his heart is placed in Crime Alley where his parents were killed. Then, BM sees a small body huddled under an umbrella on the sidewalk near a streetlamp, Alf warns him of the oddity, which BM recognizes.

Upon closer look, he sees the boy, 10 or so is deceased and as Alf warns him to move, the boy’s arm clicks, and a bomb goes off. When he wakes, he’s strapped to a bed, and a man with a wide smile assures it’s over, Bruce slurring his words, and saying he’s lying, but the doc denies this and says how the facility’s happy he’s back in reality, continuing of working there for 20 yrs in Arkham Asylum for as long as Bruce’d been there. Bruce denies this, and the doc lets him go vertical with the gurney and Alf comes in to say how no 1 blames him for what he’d done, killing his parents, this making Bruce go ape shit, again. Alf sharply has him see reason, and how his actions are hurting people, his fantasy of the doc being the Joker to his BM.

Alf leaves Bruce there, he wakes in a padded cell, and finds a T-Rex toy in the wall, shrieking he’d never believe them as he tears at the wall with his teeth. The next Alf comes, Bruce qs how he’d gotten certain skills, the librarian coaching him in different languages, and fighting from the doc at the gym. Alf then shows Bruce his cowl, which consisted of a janky bat mask, and straight jacket, Alf explaining the mask is from a shock therapy restraint. Next, Bruce is loose and assaulting orderlies left and right, the cops called, and also unable to stop him as he ascended the levels of the asylum.

When Alf confronts him, Bruce learns none of this is real, Gotham and buddies gone, Alf a hologram, but only to mask his older age, which makes Bruce wonder why he looked young, Bruce surfacing through sand, and uncovering Joker’s head in a lantern, he waking, but not knowing how he got this way. BM agrees to take him along, despite his trying to make jokes. BM walks to the last stretch of Gotham to survive, no one alive, and even the green lanterns rings laying about, til the 1’s attached to fingers and bodies, issue out big, sharp-toothed babies, hulk-smashing around, til something takes them out. Then, Bruce is pulled into an invisible ship by a black girl, and Poison Ivy driving, she clocking Bruce out with a tendril as they see he looks like the real BM.

When he wakes, he thinks he’s seeing Amazons, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman among them, but the latter saying they only wore the costumes. She reveals he’d killed everything when he inquires. She tells him they’re in Gemworld, where Diana’d created the chapel hall for the community, til it’s destruction with Lex Luthor’s televised message. The people rage by his preaching oligarchic tyranny, so BM’s solution is to empower the people by letting them all in. This birth’s Omega, whom takes the East coast, and knows the anti-life equation (…humanity?), which controls all humans:

Bender - Save The Planet Kill All Humans, Futurama | Futurama robot,  Futurama tattoo, Futurama characters

(Bender’s wet dream). When Diana asks if he knew how he’d fallen, he shares how the 1st BM’d made a machine which cloned a BM every gen. Diana states she hadn’t given the machine to Alf for another BM, but to give him Bruce. She also relates of Omega probably being native to Gotham, and is most likely a follower of BM, another shock to him. She then invites him to join them in the underworld, she making a deal for a realm with some light with Hades, for the 100k people they were able to save. She then leaves him to rest and decide whether he’d like to join them when they go. After chatting to a boy a whom shouts an echo with him at Bruce’s prompt, since it was against the rules. When Diana returns for his opinion on the plan, she sees he’s gone with Joker’s head.

Decent start. Hope it ends better like The Three Jokers.

Tiger Lung

Straight off, beautiful art, detailed map, Tiger Lung is a young man whom learns to be a shaman, and traveled between the eastern Carpathians and Northern shores of the Black Sea, Eastern Alps, 30k yrs BC. Tiger Lung enters a cave with his unc and another relative assuring him it’s ok if he wanted to turn back, but he walks forward with a candle he’s provided by his unc. The elder man before he’d left again, assures the young man doesn’t have to go, the ice deep, and better men than even his father’d not made it, he most likely sharing the same fate. The wax gets on the man’s hand scaring him as it looks like blood.

In the past, TL’s assuring his unc he’d be fine, and his unc wisely points out TL not being worried enough. The Great Glaciers above the valley they lived in is home to many gods and monsters, and the headman’s the Wh. Chief, Lord of the winter-killed, and outcast bro of the moon. The Wh. Chief has plentiful servants and those who die on his mtn are enslaved, whether man or beast, then sends his servants to plague the living with cold winds. Wh. Chief also gives knowledge to those who meet him, so he’d risk dying to gain the ancient magic.

TL recollects being shamed by his pop when he’d accidentally broken a flute, which upon handling realized was delicate. A demon’s released, so his pop sends him outside as he handles it. Apparently, his pop remains resentful of him, since TL offers to help his ill ma and again his pop dismisses his ability. His pop vows to knock the Wh. Chief off his throne if his wife doesn’t survive.

TL falls down a black hole after hearing his name called, eerily repeated, then sees a skeletal body ahead. TL’s about to use his knife when the man chokes him and doesn’t recognize him, he IDing as Running Lync, shaman-killer of the Ibex clan. RL summons monster spirits as he fights TL. In the end, TL gets his head, the place empty once more. Outside, TL’s unc is readying to pack up camp as TL comes out.

A man wakes to mammoth on the move, he waking TL and the woman in the tent. As the 3 hike onward to get away from the dangerous mammoth passing them much too close for comfort, TL wistfully mentions missing the larger group they’d been staying with due to the old crone dying. Thigh Bone, his bro sees some birds, which makes him think perhaps an edible animal is nearby, TL worrying about the birds flagging a larger predator as they see a hyena sitting near a tree. When the hyena runs off, the 2 see a woman in the tree with a dead Tarpan, he thinking his could mean raiders are on her trail, and kidnapping a new wife.

The 2 argue about whether to help her, Thigh Bone paranoid of even hyena’s possibly tracking her, but TL gets his wish to have her tag. They set up camp near a boulder, TB building a fire as TL and the mute young woman search for tinder. As TL gets frustrated after the woman stares as he explains the task in broken Tarpan, she sees a band of hyena. When 1 lunges, TL grabs the woman as he yells for TB, kicking a hyena in the jaw.

When they reach TB, he’s even more annoyed, since he’d called it and more hyenas were surrounding them. Then a naked woman creature steps forward asking for the woman, she having killed their chief, the girl sad to see her pop’s head fall to the snow. Then, the pop’s head speaks ghostly truth when TL wishes to know the woman’s intentions with the young woman, this being her demon ma. Then, her ma tells her side, which provides how Ten Livers’d seen her naked and sunning herself, taking her skin and herself as his wife, she going along until the fool tries to marry off her daughter, determining it was time he die, with our without the skin he’d held hostage.

The woman then turns back into a hyena after they’d taken the hide off her daughter’s shoulders. TB finally pushes the girl forward to allow her the chance to decide, her ma offerring Little Fang chief of her people or being enslaved among her pop’s. Little Fang chooses wisely, but TL still can’t help, but blurt of how young she is to be making this decision, she looking back with the large hyena, whom says, so?

3 boys horse around til 1 commands Marmot to call his dad. TL is met by a clan led by Kingfisher, he soon going to greet an old woman in a tent with a younger ill woman. She’d lost a baby and hadn’t returned to her body, TL tasked with retrieving her soul with the help of the old woman drumming and singing with him. He goes into the spirit world meeting Crow, he flies him til getting tired and to avoid a war party, also sharing of a tree seeing the woman he’s after.

Crow then flies them to the dead creature whom captured her, TL getting her free and waking in the tent, the old woman updating the woman was breathing more smoothly, now. He leaves the tent after the old woman says his pymt’d be an ivory dagger given by Kingfisher. In the night, Crow wakes TL to the monster having returned per his warning to the old woman, whom is shocked as the creature chooses to take her despite TL declaring it wasn’t her time yet, the creature stating it didn’t matter, since following the song, and couldn’t get the other, so she’d suffice. TL spears the creature and the woman reveals later at the site of her baby’s grave, she confesses having sung the naming song she couldn’t sing for her child, and had left a lock of her own hair, TL noting the power of the kinds of songs sung and when they should be sung, he advising how to cleanse the baby’s bones the distraught ma’d moved.

Beautiful art, and engaging short stories. I, among many others only wish there was more!

Batman: Three Jokers #3

Back at the Bat cave, the trio discuss how all the Jokers’d been tricking them for yrs, but BM can’t figure why they’d want him to know of their joke of a Joker maintaining an ID, like RH’s become, of whom states when he’d finished, there’ll be no Jokers left, since BM doesn’t have the balls to end it. In the end, BM reigns in his temper, so they could all continue to work together, RH begrudgingly not buying it, since feeling BM’s manipulating he and BG. They chat some more on what the original Joker’s game is, and whether Bruce’d actually share Joker’s real name if he knew it, BM claiming he would, if so. BM next is called to Gotham Asylum where they see Chill’s been abducted, BM requesting to see his cell.

BM detects some unsent letters, 1 made out to Bruce Wayne, the cop with him suggesting he speak with the rev to know why the letters wouldn’t’ve been sent. Meanwhile, BG and RH are standing in the shadows outside where cops are parked, RH asking to chat. BM is learning from the rev, Chill wrote the letters before he’d gotten sick, believing he’d changed. Back with RH, he expresses guilt for killing the Joker, and wouldn’t do it again, since recognizing he’d trapped the 2 in to letting him go for all 3 being unmasked in the process.

BG grimly states her hope he did, since next time, she’ll go through with coming forward. The 3 next go to the theater in a pic BM sees, and once inside, BM sees the footage of Joker asking Chill about Bruce’s parents. RH goes through downstairs, and is bombarded by Jokers, as is BG upstairs. Onscreen, Chill replies not understanding his implication, and after Joker clarifies about reading the rev’s notes and Chill’s letters.

BM then seeing the serious Joker above him with a bound Chill in a chair as onscreen Chill admits to knowing the Wayne’s, and hating them for everything they had. Meanwhile, Joker says he thinks Chill is the next perfeck new Joker, since it’d make him even, closer to BM. Onscreen, Chill admits he wanted whatever they had on them, but hadn’t seen Bruce. Meanwhile, Joker’s dangling Chill over the Joker acid as another Joker holds BG, and RH gets shot in the arm.

BM kicks the Joker as he’s using a lighter to ignite the dynamite, which’d drop Chill into the vat. Chill onscreen meanwhile, doesn’t realize, til after shooting them, of the Wayne’s good work, and wants to apologize to Bruce. BM is made to save Chill from falling and Chill states of recognizing him when he catches his breath. He gives his sorry heartfelt, and then Joker laughingly states they’re ready to die, he strapped to a bunch of sticks of dynamite.

Then, the Comedian Joker shoots the dynamite-strapped one, and gives himself up laughingly to BM. Outside with Gordy, RH gets denied again from BG, and if she doesn’t think Gordy knew before, she drives away after calling him dad when he advised she end working with RH. BM sits inside the paddy wagon with the Joker, whom calls out knowing all 3 masked avengers IDs, but doesn’t care to tell anyone for making him stop opposing him, he still able to make it seem like he’s another fake joker. Then, he decides to share how he’d planted the seed to have the other Jokers play their parts.

So, now Joker’d help heal BM’s wound with Chill, it left himself being his greatest pain, and he’d be able to twist the knife until they died together. Bruce goes to Chill’s deathbed and watches/stays with him when he dies. Bruce’s next drives in Alaska as Jason leaves a love durpy letter to Barbara saying he’d give up being a mask if she gave him a chance to make her happy. Meanwhile, Bruce tells Alfred of knowing the Joker’s ID the 1st wk he’d known him, but to protect the fam he’d started, who live in Alaska, he would keep it secret, the important thing about Joker not being his ID.

Great fucking ending, though! It cleans up way nice, most of these are appropriately violent, but relies more on the art, which carries perfectly for this one bitch of an ending.

Batman: Three Jokers #2

Joker starts by harassing a blonde suburban wife, and her son must act like Joker is their long lost hubby and pop. The other Joker comes in and breaks his fantasy though, the mannequin and stuffed bear actually being sat with, as he reminds how 1 of them is dead due to leading Batman to them for more fun. Batman meanwhile’s met up with commish Gordy regarding a dirty judge recently murdered and his connection to Arkham Asylum’s easy in easy out policy, Batgirl interrupting to inform BM of Red Hood’s own killing. Back at the Batmobile, the 2 chat of what they could do about RH, BM not believing they could, yet do anything.

BG qs BM on how he could let RH loose when he knew he hadn’t healed properly from what Joker’d done to him. BM states he’d been hoping he’d turn out like BG (Hopes and dreams, ey?). Meanwhile, RH’s breaking a guy’s bones after he’d cooperated, so he’d be around for the cops to discover. BM decides to start in Blackgate, since he can’t track RH, yet.

BM reveals to BG the fingerprints on the dead judge was Joe Chill, which’s why he hadn’t shared with Gordy. Bruce…BM, goes to Chill’s cell after composing himself, then kicks the door in after announcing they needed to chat. BG comes up behind him as he notices the cell’s empty, Chill moved to infirmary for having Stage 4 cancer, and most likely only had wks left. The 2 now wonder whom’d used Chill’s prints, BM hearing from Alfred of RH using his hood’s tech an got a location, suspecting he’d found the 2 Jokers.

RH goes into the chained up abandoned pool, and sees a bunch of people floating in it, 1 man surfacing with Joker smile, and pleading for help, RH kicking him in the face. The Jokers then grab him from behind, and strip him, tying him to a chair. The Joker whom starts engaging with RH reveals a detail about the Joker, and how it hurts when he laughs, continuing on how he’d done the same to RH to where he’d made it so he always felt pain, and his relief came from inflicting it on others, being similar to himself. So, the Joker replaces RH’s mask back on before cracking him in the head with a crowbar.

RH states weakly how the Joker better finish him this time, but Joker replies how he’s hoping RH does rise from the grave, literally again, so this time he returns as the Joker. When BG and BM arrive at the abandoned pool, they meet the many men from in the pools, laughing in droves surrounding them. As BM struggles, he shouts to BG of they pushing a button on his belt, making “it” come. Next, the Batmobile barrels into the room killing many.

They then find Jason on the floor, he obviously in shock, but but telling BM how easy it’d been for him to replace him so many times with other Robins. BG gets Jason to her apt to sleep, he instead looking at a helpful book on pain management, and using her shower. They share a kiss after a heartfelt moment, but Barbara makes sure to clarify it was one time, and they’re going to focus on the job. Last, Joker gets Joe Chill, whom is conscious, to put on his pageboy hat and with camera rolling asks why he killed the Wayne’s.

Nice! Onward!

Batman: Three Jokers #1

Batman’s driving back to Wayne manor, when he stops near his parents graves and parks, getting out in the rain, and standing at the grave. When he gets indoors, Albert sews him up, and agrees to fix the markers on Bruce’s parents graves. As Bruce sits, he’s reminded of where he’d gotten his many scars, a few from the Joker, ofc. Then, a flashback of Bruce’s parents death, the reason for going down the alley being for the car being down the road, and when the thief sticks them up, Bruce’s pop tries to calm the guy by saying he could help him, but to put the gun down, both shot, and Bruce left.

The killer, Joe Chill serves a life term, and no one knows the Joker’s name, he recently killing a Hawaiian comedian in his home on live stream. Sightings of the Joke keep being reported, an author and doc in psych writing a book on how superhero types allow themselves a separation from their consciences when letting their dark side out. When a 2nd murder comes out, the police q’ing which 1 actually is Joker, esp now with finding 3 guys poisoned. Batman comes and as he talks out loud, they see he’s actually chatting to Batgirl on the building, thinking the Joker’d distracted them with these 3 guys deaths, instead of the truck stolen.

Then they hear 1 of the victims is alive, and laughing, they taking him away in an ambulance. Inside, a masked “hero” threatens the victim unless he shares what Joker said to him before he’s bleached. Batman kicks the doors open and stops the Hood, as 1 of the Joker’s drives a big rig to a house, and is greeted by another Joker. The trio in the ambulance powwow about the Jokers as the “victim” beats his son, is calmed with drugs.

The trio of Jokers are led by the seemingly OG, whom plans to make a better Joker as 1 of them sets up the “factory”. Batman and the other 2 go to the aquarium where they see Joker-looking fish. So, they knew where Joker is storing the poison, then they’re found by Gaggy, and his gang of Joker sidekicks. When the aquarium glass breaks though, the huge, smiling shark takes care of Gaggy, Joker then showing up, smashing a fish bowl on Red Hood’s head.

Batman clocks Joker in the face, Batgirl taking a shot, as well, and then Batman decides to look for more Jokers, whilst the 2 kids waited for Arkham asylum, hearing the cops’d cornered a 2nd 1. Hood and BG search the Joker, but still can’t tell, which ends up not mattering, since Hood’s convinced to kill him, and making Barbara feel responsible for missing with her ninja stars conveniently when she knew he’d shoot him.

I enjoyed the start, and look forward to continuing!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Movie


April finishes her spot before walking home, and gets weirded out by a rat on the street. When she next runs into a few guys doing naughty things, she’s saved by a hidden, masked figure. The cops quickly come, and recognize her, she silently picking up the dropped sai, and follows the cops to the station to help sign paperwork. When the turtles are walking back, and celebrating their mission accomplished, Raph shares of losing his sai to Splinter, whom suggests he let it go, as Mikey orders pizza.

Raph goes out incognito as they boys wait and bring back their 3 bucks off pizza. Meanwhile, Raph helps a lady, whom almost loses her bag, a fella in a hockey mask taking over intimidating the 2 thieves. When Raph attempts to stop him, Cash Jones intros himself and offers Raph the beating, as well. When Casey runs off after sticking Raph in a trash can, Raph follows for now thinking Casey’s a danger to others, he confronting Raph in an alley.

The 2 fight again, til Casey walks off, and Splinter shares with Raph on his return to be careful managing his anger alone. April’s dealing with her boss worrying she should have security escort from now on when leaving, before doing a scathing interview on a public figure, denying the Foot clan exists. After her interview, as she waits for the subway, the Foot clan starts to assault her, when she’s again saved. After dealing with them, Raph carries the conked out April back to the lair, the boys excited.

When April wakes and is shocked by the turtles, she at first thinks she’s dreaming, then recognizes Splinter, whom offers to explain how they’ve lived down there 15 yrs. Splinter rehashes their ooze-given knowledge, then the boys and April chill and eat pizza at her place before they leave, and return to a trashed lair and Splinter missing. So, they return to April’s to appraise her, as Shredder beats the shit out of 4 wannabe Foot members who got caught and were bailed out, now focusing all his men on finding the turtles. Raph ditches the rest of the boys as they watch April report on the news.

When April gets back, she’s attempting to calm the guys from thinking the worst, then Raph falls through the ceiling as Foot soldiers surround them. They escape with Casey’s help, he fighting off leftover Foot outside before April drives them away in her van. Her boss leaves a message saying she’s fired, since she didn’t want to give up her story. When they reach a farm to collect their thoughts, April journals on each state of the turtle’s current mood, Mikey being a training loner.

When Raph wakes up, the 4 go to the woods and have an existential breath through, Splinter congratulating them for their progress of mind strength, after which the bros start training hard. When they decide it’s time to return to the city they find Danny waiting for them in the sewers, Casey seeing the boy leave in the night, and follow him to the clan compound, where Danny chats with Splinter again, whom shares of his life in Japan. This time he shares of his Master’s story, Yoshi, whom’d fallen for a woman, and Oroku Nagi also wanted her, so he beats her til Yoshi arrives in time to stop him, they fleeing with Splinter, and Nagi’s younger bro, Oroku Saki training for revenge, Yoshi comes home to his beloved Tang Shen dead. When Splinter finishes, Danny’s caught by Shredder and then Casey, he confessing Shredder’s plan to have Splinter killed.

When Casey helps fight Shredder, he claims to have killed Splinter already, which spurns the turtles on to each try to fight him one on one. Then, Splinter calls out Shredder’s true ID before he falls over the side of a roof. April kisses Casey for boredom, and a couple wks later attempts to sell the idea of ninja turtles to a skeptical publisher as the turtles peep from the outside of the skyscraper window.

Cute reproduction of the film, and makes me revved up for the original comic series!

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